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Garage Guy’s RePorT: NASCAR’s 64th Daytona 500

Garage Guys Daytona 500
The Garage Guys, Dale (left) and Chase (right) are here to drop their report of everything that transpired last week in Daytona.

Hello again world, It Me, Garage Guy. NASCAR just wrapped up another FANTASTIC Daytona 500 (The 64th one to be exact) and I’m here to give you the FULL “RePorT” from the World Center of Racing. Remember, this is only for the eyes of REAL people who like REAL reading, so if you don’t like reading (I’m looking at you Floyd Mayweather) get lost!

We start from the road, One of man’s greatest inventions. It’s basically the only way to get around unless you like to fly on giant white birds with chairs and bad peanuts or Trains (shoutout to trains). Dale Tanhardt and I are back in full NASCAR action this season and we’re doing it bigger than ever before.

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Once we arrived in Daytona, we pulled into a small campground behind the Daytona Flea Market called “Crazyhorse Campground”. If you’re trying to do the race on a budget, the Crazyhorse is the place for you. It’s also not that crazy, which confused me, but ultimately I was happy about that because the rest of the weekend was.

Thursday: Gypsie Tents & Bluegreen Vacation Duels

After a good night’s rest, I started my day by checking out the Daytona Flea Market, or as I like to call it, The World Center of Gypsie Tents. If you’re like me, you have to always check these places for Vintage NASCAR gear. You can find hats, shirts, jackets, diecast cars, and most often really drunk people who have no idea where they are.

I was low-key disappointed by the inventory, but that’s only because I don’t really wear new NASCAR gear (except for Hooters Racing stuff). I did end up walking away with a SICK Inside Winston Cup Racing cap, and a Dale Jarett Pin Stripe Havoline Racing cap. The moral of the story is that you should ALWAYS check the “Gypsie Tents” during race weekends to find cool shit.

Thursday Night kicked off at the Daytona Beach Hooters (shoutout to those absolute LEGENDS) where Dale and I sat outside and did a LIVE stream for NASCAR’s Bluegreen Vacation (Gatorade) Duels at Daytona International Speedway.

Dale and I worked hard to make this happen, and I want to thank everyone who tuned in with us. We even had some of our guys from the Discord show up, and of course our homie MOONHEAD joined the party.

Then the single greatest thing happened, THE GARAGE GUYS SWEPT THE DUELS! It was truly an incredible moment and was all caught on camera. Dale took Brad Keselowski to win Duel 1, and I had Chris Buescher in Duel 2. It truly was a beautiful thing, and if you don’t want to sift through the live stream, just watch it here.

Exciting stuff right!? The only people who hate on winners winning are people who didn’t take our picks to win the Duels (plain and simple).

We also filmed the Garage Guys NASCAR Race Preview Show for the Daytona 500 after the live stream. By this time, everyone was beyond hammered and we had Drunken Tommy crash the show to talk about Life, Marriage, PaPaw Doodle, and how Kevin Harvick was going to win the race. Another guy told us Bubba Wallace was gonna win, and I feel for that guy if he bet on Bubba because I would still be in tears over that bad beat (you’ll get ’em next time Bubba).

By the way, Be sure to subscribe to Garage Guys NASCAR Podcast on YouTube to catch all the Garage Guys action for the 2022 NASCAR Season. Don’t forget to check out our weekly NASCAR Betting and DFS Articles on as well.

Friday: Truck Night In America

On Friday, I explored One Daytona early in the day. The area is great with tons of places to spend unnecessary amounts of money. I won’t name all the shops there because they don’t pay me, but one of the places rhymes with “Mass Bro Shops” (ba-dum-tiss).

Dale and I snagged our credentials, grabbed a bite to eat, and headed to the track later that evening to prepare for what we hoped to be a BIG BAG NIGHT in America. Dale made his card, I placed my bets, and the race started.

Unfortunately, the night ended in heartbreak, but we didn’t let it bother us. Daytona is a different beast, and to win, it requires some luck. That luck was with Zane Smith (who has nothing) and not with any of the guys mentioned on Dale’s betting card.

But even a bad night of bets cant keep a good man down! We stuffed our sadness in a sack and hit the town! Daytona has a great nightlife on race weekends and I recommend everyone over the age of 21 checks it out at some point in life.

Much like any other long night on the town, you gotta cap it all off at your local Waffle House, because if you didn’t end the night at a Waffle House, did you even go out!?

Saturday: NASFINITY and Chill

Some people say Saturdays are for the Boys, but we, the Garage Guys, say Saturdays are for NASFINITY!

I arrived at the track decently early on Saturday to meet up with my guy BIG BABY SCUMBAG, who is possibly the illest rapper alive that gets down with NASCAR.

Me, Dale, Baby, and Charlie had us a time on the grid and in the pits on Saturday. Baby’s girl Charlie (who is also a DOPE tattoo artist) had never been to a race, so I love getting to host those moments for first timers. It was an absolute blast, and she might just be a lifelong fan of racing now.

After all the fun, it was time to get back to business with NASCAR Xfinity Betting and DFS. I wrote my first ever NASCAR Xfinity DFS article for this race and did it pre-qualifying so the results weren’t as great as I expected, but hey, it’s Daytona so we have a long road ahead to bounce back.

Dale was gutted on Bets as well after Austin Hill took the victory for Richard Childress Racing, but that was ok because we all witnessed one of the gnarliest wrecks of all time that night. These cars blow my mind with how safe they are, and Myatt Snyder is alive and well.

Sunday: The Daytona 500

Finally, the big day came. The 64th Daytona 500 was a special one for a lot of reasons, and there’s a ton to share in this part of the article (if you’ve made it this far into my RePorT you a real one and I fw you).

I woke to the sound of generators, speakers left on overnight, and the smell of bad choices in the air. As I made my way to the shower house, I took a moment to think about what this day meant to me. It’s the one race I want to pick the winner of, the one race that sets the tone for a NASCAR season, and the one race where a driver gets glorified in stone forever.

That was literally my thoughts as I washed my armpits under lukewarm water with three other men around me separated by a thin plywood wall, and I respected every second of that thinking time.

Dale and I hopped in the Uber to head to the track, and I started the day sharing my picks to win and other bets on the Action Network.

If you ride my NASCAR Cup Series betting card, you know how the day turned out, but if you don’t, then now is the perfect time to start (just click this on your phone to make NASCAR money this season). I was close with the Blaney Bet, and the Kyle Busch bet, but ultimately no cigar on the day picking the winner. I will win this one day tho, and the excitement of not knowing made leading up to the race a fun ass time.

All of these Pics and Videos will forever live on the internet and my phone so I won’t forget the great time that it was. All jokes aside, It’s surreal to be at this historic event and be able to do the things I do on race weekends. I would have never in a million years dreamed I’d be working in NASCAR when I was a kid, and now here I am, trying to make Kid Rock my stepdad unintentionally.


Once the race began, I was locked in on pit road. So many crazy things happened in the race, but ultimately it was a great one. Yeah, we didn’t get the bag like we thought we would, but whoop dee do. There’s an ENTIRE NASCAR season waiting to unfold right before our eyes, and plenty of time to cash in big. I mean, Austin Cindric winning is..idk…whatever (ok real talk it’s wild and cool as hell but we have to keep appearances) I guess. At least Dale swallowed his pride and went to thank the guy for bankrupting us.

You would think he’d at least give me a hat as a consolation prize, but no. He can’t even do that. He would rather the ground have them.

But I’ll go ahead and put a bow on all this by saying Congrats Austin Cindric. You’re a Daytona 500 Champion. As a rookie. First-year in Cup. First time doing it. Congrats.

This has been an official Garage Guy RePorT on The 64th running of the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway. I’ll see you heathens soon!

Garage Guy Chase
Garage Guy Chase
It me. Garage Guy.

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