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Video: Race Leader Martin Truex Jr. Turned on Pit Road by Kyle Larson

Martin Truex Jr., who was leadig the race heading into the final pit stop of the day, was spun by Kyle Larson while attempting to get to his pit stall. Photo Credit: nascarfan19_YT for

What a wild set of events. Martin Truex Jr., who has yet to win a race during the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season, has seemingly found a new way to lose one — getting spun on the final pit stop of the race by the second place runner.

On a pit cycle under caution at lap 246, Martin Truex Jr. was heading to his pit stall, and as he slowed to turn into his stall, he received a bump from behind from the No. 5 car of Kyle Larson. The bump sent the No. 19 car spinning into his pit stall, causing his crew members to run and jump out of the way.

Here is video of the pit road incident between Larson and Truex:

While it looked like Larson flat-out spun Truex, Larson argued that he felt Truex locked up his brakes in front of him on his team radio. Larson reaffirmed his thought in his victory interview as he said that he felt he didn’t do anything wrong, but if he did something wrong to cause Truex to spin that he is apologetic.

Further review of the incident on the NBC broadcast shows that Truex may have missed his pit box and attempted to enter his stall at the last moment to cause it.

Truex also spoke to NBC about the incident and he stated that both drivers were a little at fault for the pit road incident.

The 2017 NASCAR Cup Series champion explained that he had a hard time seeing his pit stall with the sun blinding him through the windshield, but that he still hadn’t overshot the entry to his pit stall.

As he slowed to make it into his stall, Larson made contact with him due to Truex using more brake than usual. At the end of the day, Truex chalked it up the way his 2022 season has gone.

Toby Christie
Toby Christie
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