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Video: Watch Ben Rhodes’ Hilarious NASCAR Truck Series Championship Press Conference

The best part about Ben Rhodes winning a second championship in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series? We’re once again treated to a fantastic Championship Press Conference.

It didn’t take long for the drinks to be flowing, and the 2023 edition of the Ben Rhodes Championship Press Conference is just as good – heck, maybe even better than the first. You can watch the full 16-minute press conference, here.

However, if you don’t want to watch the video, here’s a collection of memorable quotes:

  • “Okay, I’ll kick us off with this. I was the experiment in 2021 because they just built the barn. I went to the barn first. They’re taking me to the barn second. It’s like they learned something. So guess what I did. I got lit beforehand.”
  • “I’m telling you, listen, it was like 26 laps of overtime. I thought even if we won it, I would be so mad — I ain’t mad. I just let it roll right off the shoulders. Here I am. The question was how did I feel? What was the question? Oh, yeah, mentally, I was pretty angry.”
  • “They go down from Ohio, down the mountains, and they land in the North Carolina area, and then we go to the wind tunnel, and they do the wind tunnel thing, and we find grip, and then boom, I blow the nose off of it because the old 38 who doesn’t hit the shifter.”
  •  I had like 13 laps on my tires at that point, so I’m like, okay, you’ve got a lot of work to do, mamma jamma. You’re going to have to come on up in here. Here’s the thing: The track I thought had less grip this year than the past. We were three-tenths slower in qualifying. The whole field was. Them are numbers. Real numbers. Three-tenths slower in qualifying, something like that.”
  • “I thought it was good. I saw it was caved up, I didn’t see it was caved in. Dangit. That’s Rich — I knew — we done this three times now. I knew he was telling a fib. A big fibber. By the way, everybody, dinosaurs aren’t real.”
  • “Well, I started on my champagne, and then I ran out. So then I had to fill up my shoe twice, so I had to borrow Rich’s champagne, so I filled that up, they drank it, and then I drank the rest of the bottle. Those were big bottles. That was like a liter and a half, like a real liter and a half, as a European. I had most of that, and then I got this drink right here, this Bud.”
  • “I think tenacity. He’s got a beautiful — isn’t that a movie, beautiful mind is it? Is it a movie? Is that with John Travolta? Sorry, I never watched it. I’m thinking of the one with John Travolta where he can make things move with his hands. Phenomenon. That has nothing to do with right now.”
  • “Are you trying to make me cry?”
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