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Video: Austin Hill in Post-Race Scuffle With Myatt Snider at Martinsville

Austin Hill took out his frustrations of being eliminated from the Playoffs on Myatt Snider following Saturday’s NASCAR Xfinity Series Dead On Tools 250 at Martinsville.

UPDATE: On Sunday, NASCAR on NBC showed an alternate angle of Austin Hill and Myatt Snider’s altercation following Saturday’s NASCAR Xfinity Series event at Martinsville.

In this video, you can see the beginning of the altercation take place, where Austin Hill punches Myatt Snider and LAUNCHED him across pit road, and onto the ground.

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According to NBC Sports, NASCAR has seen the video – from this angle – and is planning to speak to Austin Hill and Myatt Snider, as well as their Richard Childress Racing and Jordan Anderson Racing teams.

NASCAR did not disclose whether or not they will assess penalties to Hill or Snider, but that will be determined mid-week, as all other penalties usually are.


It was a frustrating day for NASCAR Xfinity Series Playoff contender Austin Hill. The Richard Childress Racing driver was unable to turn a lap in qualifying and had to start at the rear of the field with radiator issues. However, Hill battled back to score Stage Points in Stages 1 and 2 and looked to be in the running for a potential win.

Then, he ran into problems and kept running into problems.

After Saturday’s race, one of those problems — Myatt Snider — came up and talked to him, and a heated talk turned into a full-on-brawl, where it appears Hill hiptossed Snider to the ground.

Here is video of the scuffle:

After the fight, Hill spoke to FOX Sports’ Bob Pockrass about what set him off.

“I’m standing at my car, somebody came up to me and starts running their mouth. I kept warning them to walk away. I’m already mad that I’m not in the Playoffs and situations that happened on the race track. And they just kept on and kept on and kept on. They ended up saying the right words that pissed me off enough and some things happened,” Hill stated.

Hill also talked about his day as a whole and detailed the issues that arose that ultimately knocked him out of the Playoffs.

“As the race went, we just lost a little bit of the handle,” Hill explained. “Started getting too loose on entry, too loose on exit. And it was hurting our pace. Haven’t seen the replay, but the 51 got into me, I think he might have had help from the No. 2 or something and that got us into the back with all the mess again.”

It was after this incident that Hill came into contact with Snider in the race.

“I’m trying to come back through the field and the No. 31 cuts across my nose,” Hill said. “I haven’t looked at that replay either, but I was tight to the curb. He comes across my nose and spins in front of me. I’m trying to check up, then we got all kinds of damage. But our day was done from there, I don’t know how we finished ninth or wherever we finished. The steering was way off in the three o’clock position.”

While he didn’t make it to the NASCAR Xfinity Series Championship 4, to make it into the Round of 8 in his rookie campaign, Hill has nothing to be ashamed of. The Georgia native says he is ready to come back to contend for a title again in 2023.

“All in all, everyone at RCR has worked their tails off all season long. Coming up short like this stings, but we’ll come back next year stronger and we’ll just see what we can do next year,” Hill said.

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