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Calling All Racers: RYNO.co is Giving $60,000 Away in New Racer’s Support Tour

ryno racer support tour 2022
RYNO.co, the racers classified website, has created the Racer Support Tour, where they will give away $60,000 to racers in 2022, as well as $60,000 in gift certificates to Radford Racing School.

If you’re a racer who dreams of making it to the high levels of NASCAR someday or if you’re a longtime weekend warrior content with thrashing away at your local bullring, there is one thing you need to chase your dream in motorsports: money.

Over the next 30 weeks, RYNO.co, the racer Classifieds website, will be giving away $60,000 to real racers through their brand new Racer Support Tour.

Each week, racers who create an account on RYNO.co, and create a Racer Profile, will have two different chances to score a $1,000 payday from RYNO. A weekly fan vote will be tallied and the driver who has the most votes at the end of the week will be named the fan vote winner to score $1,000 from RYNO, while a second underdog pick will be selected by the RYNO staff each week for the second weekly $1,000 payday.

In addition to the $1,000 from RYNO.co, weekly winners during the 2022 RYNO.co Racer Support Tour will also receive a $1,000 gift certificate to Radford Racing School.

For the folks at RYNO.co, it’s all about giving back to the true racers.

“Ryan [Maturski, Founder of RYNO.co] has raced in some way, pretty much all of his life, whether it’s on two wheels or four wheels,” Lori Spaulding tells TobyChristie.com, “So, giving back to racers is very important to him.”

Back in December, Maturski came up with the idea of the Racer Support Tour simply because he felt the corporate sponsorship programs that RYNO had been a part of over the last few years weren’t really maximizing the goal of helping racers.

“We were heading into PRI, it was only like a week before PRI,” Spaulding recalled, “and as we were looking at the sponsorships we had done the last couple of years through some of the corporate organizations, Ryan thought that it didn’t quite match what he envisioned or for RYNO and how we could support racers in general, beyond being classifieds for them to post their stuff and buy stuff.

“I think sometimes with racers, your family and friends don’t always quite know what you’re doing, just that you always need money and parts to keep your hobby going. So, it just made sense for RYNO Classifieds, for it being a racer’s classifieds, to make a program which would allow a racers friends, family and fans to support them by voting for them to actually win sponsorship money.”

Currently, there are more than 155 racers registered that have received votes for the opening week of the contest. RYNO has organized a vote leaderboard on RYNO.co so that you can keep up with how your favorite driver is doing each week.

“We are super excited here at RYNO. We were out at Sick week this past weekend, and we launched it out there and we’re literally just kind of watching the leaderboard,” Spaulding said. “It’s so exciting to see all of these racers from such different racing mediums.

“There’s a lot of kids, actually, which was a big surprise for us. There’s a lot of young racers, we have some midgets racers and junior dragsters and all sorts of stuff in there. You’ve got some teams that have been doing this for generations and they’re trying to get that next generation to move up and move into racing. It’s been super exciting.”

Fan vote winners are eligible to win the fan vote each of the 30 weeks, which could win one driver up to $30,000 plus $30,000 in certificates to Radford Racing School.

Knowing that some more veteran drivers have much larger fan bases than drivers just getting started, is what made RYNO come up with the RYNO underdog staff selection each week.

“We want it to be fair and that was why we created the second half of the racer’s tour because we know there will be some racers that are already super popular and have a large fanbase and racers that are truly blessed to have their friends and families supporting them,” Spaulding said. “Then we know there are some racers that are just starting out that don’t have that fanbase yet. We wanted to make sure they didn’t miss out on everything and that it wasn’t just a popular vote.”

The first week of the 2022 RYNO Racer Support Tour began on February 7th and ends on February 13th. If you’re a racer, who would like to join the program, sign up to make a racer profile on RYNO.co.


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