Friday, July 1, 2022

Conor Daly Eliminated From Chili Bowl in O-Main After Massive Flip From Pole


Conor Daly flip Chili Bowl
Conor Daly went for a massive flip in the First O-Main in the 2022 Chili Bowl Nationals.

It has been a rough 2022 Chili Bowl National for IndyCar drivers, who have raced part-time in NASCAR. Santino Ferrucci went for a flip in hot laps on Friday, sustaining a concussion in the crash. And now, Conor Daly’s hopes at a Chili Bowl National have been dashed with a massive flip from the pole position in the First O-Feature.

Daly, 30, caught the inside berm of the track on the opening lap and went for a wild ride.

Here is video of the flip for Daly:

Daly’s flip marked the 50th flip of the 2022 Chili Bowl Nationals. The damage from the crash ended the race for Daly, but luckily Daly was able to walk away uninjured.

Kyle Bell took the win in the first O-Main. Bell along with Harli White, Bob Schaeffer, Ryan Thomas, Dave Axton and Todd Kluever will advance to the first N-Main.

Toby Christie
Toby Christie
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