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Chase Elliott Begins Selling New Shirts Poking Fun at Kevin Harvick’s Playoff Demise

Chase Elliott Shirt
A New Chase Elliott shirt for sale on his online store pokes fun at end of Kevin Harvick’s 2021 Playoffs.

Well, it didn’t take long for Chase Elliott’s post-race quotes after Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series Bank of America Roval 400 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval to surface on official merchandise.

On Monday, the Chase Elliott Store began selling a new Christmas sweater-inspired t-shirt. On the shirt it says, “Wishing you a Merry Offseason and a Happy Christmas!”

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The shirt also features a cartoon version of Elliott wearing a Santa hat as well as faux knitted snowflakes.

You can pre-order the new shirt, here. The shirt sells for $24.95. According to the Chase Elliott Store Twitter account, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the shirt will benefit Toys for Tots.

In Sunday’s race, Kevin Harvick got his revenge on Chase Elliott for their dust up in the Bristol Motor Speedway Night Race a few weeks ago. On lap 55, at the Roval, Harvick decided to drive through the rear bumper of Elliott’s car, which sent the No. 9 car spinning into the outside wall.

Video: Kevin Harvick Appears to Flat-Out Dump Chase Elliott in Final Stage at Roval

The crash caused significant damage to Elliott’s car, and it appeared the defending NASCAR Cup Series champion would be bounced from the 2021 Playoffs in the Round of 12.

However, on lap 98, Harvick made an error and locked the tires up going into turn 1, this sent Harvick hard into the outside wall, ending his day and his own championship hopes.

Video: Kevin Harvick Goes Hard Into Turn 1 Wall With 11 Laps to Go at Roval

At the end of the race, Elliott had secured his place inside the Round of 8 of the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs, while Harvick will now participate in the final four races of the season for pride.

When asked how he felt about Harvick missing out on the Playoffs, after their incident earlier in the race, Elliott said, “As far as Kevin [Harvick] goes, I just want to wish them a merry offseason and a happy Christmas.”

Now, there is iconic merchandise to accompany the iconic quote from Elliott.

Toby Christie
Toby Christie
Toby is the Founder, and Editor-in-Chief of Toby is also the co-host of The Final Lap Weekly Podcast. Additionally, he is an award-winning writer, and has followed the sport as a fan since 1993.

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  1. Elliot is a childish kid. I know he’s not trying to be Bill but he could use some of his dad’s “think before speaking or acting” level headedness. Grow up 👶.

  2. Harvick has said similar things that I once defended…I love the next generation of Cup stars like Elliott, Larson and Blaney! Still rough’n’tumble NASCAR!

  3. Harvick can dish it out but can’t take it ! Always been that way ! Childish or not…its about time someone stood up too him !

  4. If I was Elliott , I would chill because there’s too many races left and anything could happen and harvick may not be involved. CARMA

  5. Anyone here who thinks Chase designed, or put up for sale this shirt is dumb. He gets paid to race the car and smile. Hendrick motorsports has an entire team dedicated to marketing him and they are the ones who made this and decided to sell it.

    • Still seems like a bad idea. If I were in the Harvick camp, I would have considered the conflict over…..but with the release of this mass marketed t-shirt……I might be looking to send one last greeting.

  6. This whole thing seems stupid. Millions of dollars in salaries, two “adults” living out there dreams, and crying like two 6yrs that both want the same toy. STFO, if Harvick retaliate again, he should be parked. If the was Elliott’s idea then Mr. H should have stepped in!

    Either way, the media is click bait happy, can’t believe anything they say anymore! “Let’s go Brandon” lol

  7. Whatever happened to
    “Bump-Bump Pass”
    The humor is Harvick tried to knock Elliot out of play offs and ended up knocking himself out. Is it over, no

  8. Elliot started it in the race he held Harvick from passing him leading to Larson’s win, it was obvious! It’s time he grew up and nascar should have stepped in then

    • If Harvick wasn’t so scared, he would’ve at least tried to pass Elliott at Bristol to secure the win and he should’ve taken his helmet off after the race. Harvick panicked and wrecked himself at the roval as Elliott got close to his bumper.

  9. Been a Nascar fan for years and this tee shirt shows what a spoiled brate acts like to real racers. Hope Kevin finishes this off. There is a time when you work with competitors. Thats what Chase should have did. Kevin the professional he is would have repaid chase. NOW CHASE has an enemy. Sad time for sport as it is declining.

  10. Very disappointed in fans cheering when Kevin wrecked. NASCAR should have stepped in when Eliot deprived Harvick of his potential win blocking for spite. Grow up Chase! #9 no longer my husband’s driver and as a long time Harvick fan, I’m disgusted

  11. Paybacks are a mother anyone want to take the odds on Chase making the final four I don’t think so anyone ever noticed that chases mouth seems to run more when his dad’s at the track I say put them both in a holler and see who comes out old school that’s what Nascar was founded on Jimmy Spencer Kurt Busch didn’t have any problems after that did they

  12. Some folks must not have watched the entire Bristol race and missed the part where Kevin Harvick ran into Chase Elliott’s car and cut down Chase’s tire while Chase was leading the race. For some reason, they think that Chase took the win away from Kevin when the opposite is the actual truth. At Bristol, it sure looked like Chase was the driver that had a right to look for payback, but he never got it through contact with Kevin’s car; Chase just gave Kevin dirty air by passing Kevin and getting one of his laps back that Kevin had taken from him by causing Chase’s flat tire and the resulting green flag pitstop for Chase. By my count, Chase has two paybacks left to give to Kevin after Kevin dumped Chase at the Charlotte Roval.

  13. If I was chase I would cool it down I’m not a Harvick fan but chase keeps going he might not make it to final races Kevin has nothing to loose but chase has alot to loose so he better think before speaking could wind up another lagano and Kenseth

  14. 100% AGREE with RickyS.
    People should watch an ENTIRE race before passing judgement. Or are they only seeing what they want to see?
    Harvick has ALWAYS been a big crybaby.
    He has NEVER been able to take what he gives. His behaviour is a disgrace to NASCAR (as was Matt Kenseth”s and l’m NOT a Logano fan.)
    It’s pretty sad when some guys can’t accept that it’s time to hang up the helmet.
    Speaking of helmet –


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