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Scott Miller: NASCAR ‘Taking Hard Look’ at Kyle Busch’s Dangerous Drive to Garage at Darlington

UPDATE Tuesday, September 7, 2021 — 4:50 PM ET

NASCAR has decided on the penalties for Kyle Busch’s unsafe entrance to the garage area following a crash in Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series Cook Out Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway. Busch will be fined $50,000.

According to NASCAR, Busch violated sections 12.1.a;; 12.8.a of the NASCAR rulebook.

Section of the rulebook reads: “Safety is a top priority for NASCAR and NEM. Therefore, any violations deemed to compromise the safety of an Event or otherwise pose a dangerous risk to the safety of competitors, officials, spectators, or others are treated with the highest degree of seriousness.”

Kyle Busch Fined $50,000 For Safety Violation at Darlington Raceway


Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series Cook Out Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway was frustrating for a myriad of reasons for two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Busch. He entered the night fourth in the Playoff standings, but after crashing out of the event,  he now finds himself two points below the cut line with two races left in the Round of 16 in the Playoffs.

Video: Kyle Busch Hits Wall Hard, Done For the Night in Southern 500

But Busch may now be facing penalties stemming from his actions following the crash on Sunday night.

On his way to the garage area, Busch sped through a coned off pit wall exit toward the garage area. He mowed down a cone and nearly clipped fans and crew members who were walking through the area.

On Tuesday, Scott Miller NASCAR’s Executive Vice President of Competition, address the issue on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, and he didn’t mince words in saying the sanctioning body did not like what they saw.

“We take the situation of safety, very seriously,” Miller stated.

Miller says there are talks about what, if any penalties will be levied at Busch for the unsafe exit from the track on Sunday, but that no determination has been made yet.

“There are some internal discussions going on as we speak honestly on that very topic,” Miller admitted. “We haven’t exactly landed on and got everyone together that needs to get in the mix as of yet on that. But it was a situation that could have been bad. Fortunately, nobody got hit or anything like that. It all worked out.”

Sure, things worked out, but Miller reiterated that the sanctioning body is taking a good, long look at what Busch did on his way to the garage after his disappointing exit from Sunday’s race. They owe it to the people who expect to be in a safe environment at the racetrack each and every week.

“But putting people in harm’s way for no reason is something that we take very seriously. So, we’re taking a hard look at it,” Miller explained.

Following the incident on his path to the garage, Busch gave a very salty interview after coming from the infield care center. Busch twice described his car as running, “like shit,” leading up to the crash.

Kyle Busch Voices Frustration With Team, Sim Program After Car Runs ‘Like Shit’ And gets Wrecked

Busch has had a long history of letting his temper get the best of him over the years. While he had calmed some in recent years, the old Kyle Busch attitude has started to creep back up in 2021. In fact, earlier this season, Busch slammed into the pace car after crashing early in the race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. NASCAR officials failed to display the yellow flag in time, while rain was hitting the track. The damp conditions caused Busch to spin from the lead that day.

Video: Kyle Busch Crashes From Lead, Truex, Hamlin As Well As Rain Makes Track Slick on Lap 6

Busch was not penalized for the pace car incident earlier in the season.

Toby Christie
Toby Christie
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  1. I totally agree with NASCARs penalty decision regarding Kyle Busch temper tantrum at Darlington. He also engages his mouth before his brain with using swear words on National television. Something drastic should be done to teach him that he can’t win every race, like penalizing him for a couple races. He knows he’s a good driver and he thinks the other competitors should stay out of his way.
    Thank you NASCAR for accepting my opinion on the subject of Kyle Busch.

  2. $50,000 does not even seem to be enough of a consequence for this type of behavior. How old is he? He could have injured or worse a number of folks who had to jump out of his way. Great example for his son.

  3. I think that he should be penalized a couple of races and see how he likes that!!! Maybe missing the playoffs for a year will teach his SMART MOUTH something!!!

  4. I think that he needs to be penalized for 2 races and let him miss the playoffs for a year and see how he likes that!!! Maybe it will teach his smart mouth SOMETHING!! BUT I DOUBT THAT!! AND MAYBE IT’S TIME FOR JOE GIBBS TO FIND ANOTHER DRIVER FOR THAT #18 CAR!!!

    • Absolutely no one is exempt from penaltys $50,000 is loose change for those teams .minimum 1 race suspension and anger management classes..

  5. Suspension is in order for the dangerous situation he put people in while exiting pit raod. Why wait for him to hurt someone. Its too late at that point.

  6. I’m a ex Kyle Busch fan I will now be watching and cheering for big brother and prays anybody Kyle wins championship I have made excuses for his actions way to long so on that I say good riddens to Kyle he needs Nascar more than Nascar needs him and his antics peace out Kyle and worst of luck to you and all future endeavors & plans screw ya later chump!! You piece of 💩💩

  7. He should go meet the parents of Jeff Ward and give them a reason to cuss and tell him what stupid acts out of anger an arragance can cost other people besides his bank account ok Kurt time to show big brother what happens after you learn a hard lesson with a championship trophy or anybody but the 18 car until he loses a major sponsor or job he’s not going to learn a lesson ( hince Kurt # 2 miller sponsorship ) he’s a better driver and better competitor since his temper tantrums cost him big!!)( KURT #1 MONSTER ENERGY TO CHAMPIONSHIP LETS GO KURT )

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