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Monday, December 6, 2021

Christie: What The Samantha and Kyle Busch Bundle of Joy Fund is Doing is Incredible

HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA – NOVEMBER 17: Kyle Busch, driver of the #18 M&M’s Toyota along with his wife Samantha and son Brexton pose with the trophy after winning the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship at Homestead Speedway on November 17, 2019 in Homestead, Florida. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

There is perhaps not a more polarizing figure in modern day NASCAR than two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Busch. The driver of the No. 18 machine has passionate fans who adore him, but he has even larger legion of fans who root for anyone but him.

Regardless of how you feel about Busch as a driver, you can’t deny that the work he and his wife Samantha have done through their Bundle of Joy Fund is nothing short of incredible.

In 2020, the Samantha and Kyle Busch Bundle of Joy Fund provided assistance to 16 families in the form of grants totaling $176,000, which went directly to couples seeking IVF treatments.

As a result of the fund, 10 children were born in the year 2020. According to a release from the Samantha and Kyle Busch Bundle of Joy Fund, 35 babies have now been born as a result of aid from the fund. In all, the fund has provided grants to 70 couples, and the fund is $60,000 shy of the $1-million mark.

“I’m so glad we were able to help so many couples in 2020,” said Samantha Busch, co-founder of the Bundle of Joy Fund. “This cause is so personal to us and it means everything to be able to help families facing the same battle with infertility that we are currently fighting. Knowing that there are more than 30 babies in the world that might not be here without our help is incredible and to be able to give that gift to so many families is what we are passionate about.

“This year was rough for a lot of reasons and the fact that so many people still supported us in our mission to help others fight infertility is truly heartwarming. We are so close to our initial goal of granting $1 million to couples in need of fertility treatments and to be within reach of that heading into 2021 is really exciting.”

The Busch family has been very open about their infertility issues in the past, and have really shed light on how difficult infertility can be on young couples who are trying to start or grow their families.

In fact in April 2019, Samantha Busch opened up about how to maintain a healthy marriage during infertility on her website.

This story hits particularly close to home for me, as my wife Krista and I struggled to have a child initially.

Like Samantha Busch, my wife suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It’s an insanely common infliction for women, which I had shockingly never even heard of before meeting my wife.

PCOS causes cysts to form on the ovaries, which is not ideal. But even more troublesome for those wanting to get pregnant is the fact that it can cause huge hormonal imbalances that can cause women to have irregular menstrual cycles and just flat-out not ovulate.

That makes trying to have a child, basically impossible unless you can find a perfect ovulation cycle amidst the chaos — if one even occurs at all.

What it all boils down to is that there is nothing fun about infertility and I don’t wish that pain on anyone.

Hearing people ask when you’re going to settle down and have children, while unbeknownst to them you’re trying unsuccessfully to do that very thing, cuts like a knife. The stress it puts on a relationship is unreal. The pressure it puts on your daily life is continuous and immense.

Luckily, Krista and I were able to conceive our son Landon after tons of effort, and ovulation tests, tips from old wives tales and ultimately just hoping that this time was THE time. While we were fortunate, and the time actually came for us, many times THE time is a non existent thing for families trying to have a baby.

There was a very real time where we had looked at other options of conception, including IVF.

Fast forward to the present and our kiddo is a Paw Patrol-obsessed three year old. He is a total goof ball and brings daily laughs and absolute joy to our lives. To know that numerous couples have received this same gift through the kindness of The Samantha and Kyle Busch Bundle of Joy Fund, makes my heart extremely happy.

To learn more about The Samantha and Kyle Busch Bundle of Joy Fund, or if you would like to help support the fund’s mission, visit their website at

Toby Christie
Toby is the Founder, Editor and go-to man for He is also the co-host of The Final Lap Weekly Podcast. Additionally, Toby is a NMPA (National Motorsports Press Association) award winning writer, and has followed NASCAR as a fan since 1993.

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