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“You’re Supposed to be Better than these F***ing Kids” Timmy Hill Unleashes on Stewart Friesen

If Timmy Hill, one of the calmest and coolest guys in the NASCAR National Series ranks, is mad at you at the end of a race to the point that he comes up and lays into you, you know you’ve made a grave error. That was the case for Stewart Friesen, who took a lashing of expletives as Hill aired his frustration with the driver of the No. 52 Halmar Friesen Racing machine following Friday’s NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Long John Silver’s 200 at Martinsville Speedway.

As Friesen climbed from his truck, and began to decompress with his team from the rough night, Hill marched his way to Friesen. As Hill reached Friesen he immediately stated, “You’re supposed to be better than these fucking kids!”

To which Friesen responded, “I get fucking wasted, every fucking week.”

That response only further enraged Hill, who never touched Friesen on the night. Hill responded with, “You get wasted by everybody else except for fucking me. I don’t waste you, these fucking kids do. You know better than them. And you fucking touched my fucking truck.”

It was at this point that Friesen seemingly realized the errors of what he had just done, and he agreed with Hill.

“You’re absolutely right, Timmy. You’re absolutely right,” Friesen said in an effort to deescalate the situation.

“You’re supposed to be better,” Hill fired back with one last parting shot.

To which Friesen again stated, “You’re absolutely right.”

After the altercation, Hill spoke to about the argument, where he confirmed the frustration was about the incident on the last lap, which ended with Hill spinning out. Hill says that Friesen simply decided to run through him to gain one extra position.

“It’s just last lap, he was five car lengths back. Friesen bombed it, just run us way out of the groove and finished our race off. I thought it was just unneccesary. I treat Friesen with a lot respect over the years, and I thought he had respect for us, but that move there was just disrespectful.”

The contact, which only cost Hill one spot, but caused him unnecessary damage to his No. 56 truck, left him seething inside his truck. And he wanted to let Friesen know how he felt about it after the race. Hill says he lost respect for several of the veterans in the series on Friday night.

“I just went to go down to talk to Stewart and let him know how I felt. He let me know that he had a rough race. A lot of guys run him over. But that had nothing to do with me,” Hill explained. “He’s a veteran of this series. I like to think he can be better than these [young] guys. These kids out here driving, they’re wreckless. They’re dangerous. It’s disrespectful, and he found himself and ran into the same thing. He’s not the only one, Grant Enfinger ran into me. A lot of these veterans, I lost respect for today. They’re not better than these kids out here today.”

Stewart Friesen had a rough night at Martinsville Speedway, and still, it looked like he was heading toward a decent finish. That is until he was crashed on Lap 190 of the 200 lap race. When Friesen returned to the track, he keyed his radio and vowed to start giving the rest of the field a taste of their own medicine.

Incredibly, he found the one driver, who probably has wrecked less drivers over the course of his career than any other. And after the decision to wipe out Hill, Friesen made the usually calm Hill anything but.

Friesen declined to comment on the on-track incident and post-race altercation. Friesen said, “I have nothing to say.”

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