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Video: Josh Bilicki Walks Away From Tumble in BC39 C-Main

Josh Bilicki flip BC39 C-Main video 2023
Josh Bilicki went for a wild flip in the C-Main of the BC39 on Saturday. Bilicki says this is the first time he’s ever flipped in a race car.

Josh Bilicki, who has carved out a nice career as a journeyman racer in the NASCAR National Series ranks, was participating in the BC39, an annual dirt midget race honoring the memory of Bryan Clausen. On Saturday, Bilicki found himself just outside of a transfer spot in the C-Main, when he went for a wild ride with 10 laps remaining.

The car directly in front of him, driven by Jeff Schindler, slowed up. Bilicki was unable to make a move around Schindler, and he went launching over the right rear wheel of the 8X car.

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Here is a video of the wild incident:

It was a wild acrobatic flip. While the crash looked spectacular, fortunately, Bilicki was able to walk away unharmed.

Bilicki, due to the crash saw his hopes of advancing come to an end. After the crash, Bilicki took to X and made a post explaining that the flip was the first in his 23 years of racing.

Believe it or not, this is the first time in my 23 years of racing that I’ve ever went upside down,” Bilicki posted. “Bummed that our night ended early. One spot outside of the transfer and I think we had a good shot at it. Live and ya learn.”

Toby Christie
Toby Christie
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