Monday, November 27, 2023

Video: Ross Chastain Makes INCOMPREHENSIBLE Last-Lap Move to Advance to Championship Four

Ross Chastain made a BONKERS move on the final corner of the event, just gassing it up and riding the wall, to get himself into the Championship Four, making up the necessary points on Denny Hamlin.

What in the actual hell just happened…

Ross Chastain is in the ‘Championship Four’ and I have no idea how the laws of physics even allowed this to happen. But, holy cow, it did.

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On the final lap of Sunday’s Xfinity 500, Chastain floored it. Literally, he just floored it in the final corner of the race, and rode the wall at incredible speed around the vehicles he needed to pass in order to accomplish it.

The replay doesn’t even look real. Chastain and the No. 1 Chevrolet Camaro went from being two points below the cutline to catapulting to four points above the cutline and securing himself a spot in the ‘Championship Four’.

In doing so, Chastain easily runs the fastest lap of the race, and probably the fastest lap in the history of Martinsville Speedway.

As a result, Denny Hamlin – who had a stellar race – was knocked out of contention for his first NASCAR Cup Series title, after doing all of the hard-work and heavy lifting to get himself in position to do so.

Joseph Srigley
Joseph Srigley
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