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Zachary Tinkle’s Trailer Loses Wheel en Route to Talladega, Still Expected to Race on Saturday

Zachary Tinkle ARCA trailer loses wheel hauler Talladega 2022
Zachary Tinkle found trouble on the path to Talladega as the wheel and hub flew off his family’s trailer. Photo Credit: Zachary Tinkle on Twitter (@ZacharyTinkle).

Most people look forward to the trip to Talladega, Alabama for the highly anticipated NASCAR/ARCA weekend, but it has not gone the way Zachary Tinkle and his crew have hoped so far.

On Wednesday, Tinkle posted on social media that on the way to the race area, the entire wheel and hub assembly came right off the trailer just as they crossed into the state of Alabama, leaving the trailer stalled out and requiring a tow. Both he and his parents are OK.

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Here is the initial tweet, where Tinkle shared the issues with their trailer:

The young driver tells that he should still be able race in the General Tire 200 on Saturday afternoon, as the car hauling the trailer is still able to move. He’s scheduled to drive the No. 06 for Wayne Peterson Motorsports.

What he’s most worried about, is an event he has tomorrow that they were heading out early to attend.

“I should still race, car can move, I’m more worried about tomorrow since I have a event tomorrow I have to attend since that’s what we had in the trailer.” Tinkle explained. “I had a event with the AAPP (American Association of Pet Parents) and I was going to make a appearance & display a MiniCup car there, then drop off pet food at a local animal shelter.”

Fellow ARCA drivers A.J. Moyer and Alex Clubb are of those who have reached out via Twitter to see if any help was needed.

Tinkle finished 24th with a clean race car in the season opener at Daytona, but unfortunately had a mechanical failure at Phoenix that dropped them out of a top-20 finish. will update the story as further updates and developments come through.

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