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Interview: Kyle Weatherman Has ‘Full Intention’ of Turning Five-Race Run With DGM into Full-Time

Exclusive Interview Kyle Weatherman 2022 DGM Racing
Kyle Weatherman spoke to in an interview to discuss his 2022 move to DGM Racing. Photo Credit: Kyle Weatherman on Twitter.

On Monday, Kyle Weatherman announced a move to DGM Racing for the 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series season. Weatherman will drive the team’s No. 92 machine in the first five races of the 2022 season.

In an interview with, following the announcement, Weatherman says that he is thankful for the opportunity at DGM Racing in the opening five races of the year and that he’s hopeful that the partnership can blossom into more.

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“We’ve got the first five [races] locked down and ready to go there,” Weatherman said. “I have no doubt that as the season goes on and we get rolling, we’ll be able to come up with some more stuff. We have great partners for the first five, and I’d like to think some of the partners that were involved last year, will want to transfer over and go from there. Definitely excited for it and thankful for what Mario has done and what he’s going to do and ready to get rolling here.”

When pressed on if he still expects the deal to turn into a full-time ride, Weatherman expressed that as his full intention at this time.

“Absolutely. Full intention. Mario and I kind of agreed at the beginning to try and put [a full-time effort] together,” Weatherman explained. “Obviously, unfortunately, it does take sponsorship money to move forward and progress, but at the end of the day, we have full intentions to try to make this full-time.

“If it comes to that situation and we have to kind of fill in the bubbles, we’ll do that. But at the end of the day, my goal and my mindset and I think Mario is the same case is to try to make this work as full-time and that’s where we’re at. We’ve just got to make it work and hopefully that comes together.”

Weatherman had driven for Mike Harmon Racing in the NASCAR Xfinity Series since 2019, but for those who wondered if Weatherman’s decision was tied to a recent testing policy penalty for MHR, Weatherman put that thought to rest.

“No, the decision was made before that, really,” Weatherman said. “It was more sponsor driven and stuff like that. Kind of just wanted some changes and stuff like that. But still really, really thankful for everything that Mike Harmon did and everything he has done and continues to do. He’s a great person. Taught me a lot through the beginning portion of my Xfinity career, and I’ll forever be thankful for that.”

The 24-year old racer is still aligned with Wolfpack Racing, a company that is designed to bring sponsorship and connections to drivers looking to climb the NASCAR ladder.

“It’s been good. They have a lot of resources and a lot of connections,” Weatherman said of Wolfpack. “And with the sponsorship side of stuff, that’s important. I feel really confident that as the season progresses here and hopefully we can lock up some more stuff here shortly, and get some more sponsorships in the next couple of weeks, but they’ve been a great group to work with. A great organization. Thankful to have them on my side.”

The Missouri-native will now work with a new crew chief in Nathan Kennedy. Kennedy scored four top-15 finishes in 16 starts as a crew chief last season. Weatherman is excited about the chance to work with Kennedy.

“This is actually my first full day with these guys here. So, still kind of building that relationship, but I have paid attention to him in year’s past. He’s had great success and excited for it,” Weatherman explained. “Like I said, Mario is giving us the tools and resources that to kind of venture out and do what we need to make these things go faster, and I’m excited for it.”

While Weatherman hopes luck is on his side this season, even if luck doesn’t come into play, he fully expects to be a top-15 driver on any given weekend with DGM Racing in 2022.

“I’m hoping at the end of the day, when looking at results and stuff like that and knowing what I’m capable of doing, I think we’ll be a 12th to 15th-place car each week and hopefully can find ourselves in the right position at the right time to luck into a top-10, or even have speed to do that,” Weatherman said. “There’s a couple of times last year, where Alex and Josh had the speed to run 10th to eighth. something like that.

“I feel we should be able to be for sure top 12 to 15th each week, and so, that’s my goal.”

As it stands, Kyle Weatherman is set for the first five races of the 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series season, but the talented young racer is aspiring for much, much more than that with DGM Racing this season.

For those who would like more information on how to sponsor Kyle Weatherman in 2022, he says you can contact him through DM on any of his official social media accounts or via email at

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