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Snowball Derby Pole Winner, Derek Thorn Goes Wire-to-Wire to Win Snowflake 100

Derek Thorn led all 100 laps in Saturday night’s Snowflake 100 at Five Flags Speedway. Screengrab from Racing America Broadcast

Derek Thorn has had an incredible week at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida. The 35-year old driver scored his third-consecutive pole for the Snowball Derby on Friday and on Saturday night, he led every lap on his path to the 2021 Snowflake 100 victory.

“That car was phenomenal,” Thorn said of his car after getting wanded in victory lane. “I have said this like seven times so far, but Martin and Carol Campbell have put together such an amazing team and we’ve been together for like 10 years. Every time we come here we try to get a little better. Mike Keen has been tuning on these things for the last two or three years and we’ve been in contention.”

Thorn held off 16-year old Jake Garcia for the win.

Colin Allman lost his power steering, but was still able to find a third-place finish. Allman was absolutely worn out following the race.

“We lost power steering on lap 13, and had to man handle this thing the rest of the way,” Allman explained. “I’m pretty worn out, but happy I’m standing right here.”

John DeAngelis came home fourth and John Bolen finished fifth.

Stephen Nasse, Mike Hopkins, Jarrett Butcher, Jett Noland and Michael Hindle rounded out the top-10 finishers.

There were several incidents in Saturday night’s race, but no incident was bigger or as controversial as a crash involving Noah Gragson and Johanna Long Robbins with 18 laps remaining in the event.

Gragson, who had advanced to the main event from the Last Chance Qualifier, had made it up to seventh spot. Gragson saw time drawing to a close and decided to make a three-wide move to try to advance his chances at a win.

The move resulted in Long Robbins spinning out and into the wall, and a total of around 10 cars piling in.

Noah Gragson Triggers Crash in Snowflake 100, Johanna Long Robbins Left Seething

Long Robbins was credited with a 19th-place finish, while Gragson finished 11th.

Here are the full results from Saturday’s Snowflake 100:

  1. 43 – Derek Thorn
  2. 35 – Jake Garcia
  3. 67 – Colin Allman
  4. 7 – John DeAngelis
  5. 2b – John Bolen
  6. 51 – Stephen Nasse
  7. 15h – Mike Hopkins
  8. 54b – Jarrett Butcher
  9. 81 – Jett Noland
  10. 69 – Michael Hinde
  11. 30 – Noah Gragson
  12. 91 – Jim Wall
  13. 89s – Chase Spradlin
  14. 32 – Treyten Lapcevich
  15. 25 – Blaine Rocha
  16. 33g – Weston Griffin Jr.
  17. 26w – Cole Williams
  18. 9l – Ryan Luza
  19. 18r – Johanna Long Robbins
  20. 12g – Derek Griffith
  21. 29 – Mason Keller
  22. 13m – Austin MacDonald
  23. 90 – Trevor Cristiani
  24. 24 – William Sawalich
  25. 112 – Augie Grill
  26. 12b – Justin Bonnett
  27. 47 – Dakota Stroup
  28. 89f – Dylan Fetcho
  29. 48 – Preston Peltier
  30. 9h – Hudson Halder
  31. 33s – Dustin Smith
  32. 95 – Derek Griffin
  33. 22g – Mike Garvey
  34. 5j – Casey Johnson
  35. 22o – Brandon Oakley
  36. 10 – Steve Dorer
Toby Christie
Toby Christie
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