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Rick Hendrick Delivers Savage Response to Denny Hamlin Calling Alex Bowman a Hack

Rick hendrick Denny Hamlin
Rick Hendrick had an epic response to Denny Hamlin calling Alex Bowman a hack during his press conference on Tuesday.

Denny Hamlin was frustrated at the conclusion of Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series penultimate race at Martinsville Speedway, and rightfully so. He had the lead with five laps to go, and despite Alex Bowman breathing down his neck for the lead for several laps, Hamlin looked like a good bet to reach victory lane.

Then, Bowman made incidental contact with Hamlin and sent the No. 11 car spinning from the lead. Bowman went on to score his fourth win of the season, while Hamlin locked into the Championship 4. But Hamlin really wanted another Martinsville clock, and when the race was over Hamlin impeded Bowman’s celebrations on the frontstretch and then left a scathing assessment of Bowman’s driving skill.

“He’s just a hack. Just an absolute hack,” Hamlin said as the NBC broadcast picked up the roaring boos from the grandstands. “He gets his ass kicked by his teammates every week. He’s fucking terrible. He’s just terrible. He sees one opportunity, he takes it. Obviously, he’s got the fastest car every week and he runs 10th. He didn’t want to race us there. We had a good, clean race. I moved up as high as I could on the racetrack to give him all the room I could, he still can’t drive.”


When asked about Hamlin’s assessment of Bowman during the Championship 4 Owners Press Conference on Tuesday by the Associated Press’ Jenna Fryer, Rick Hendrick, Bowman’s team owner, didn’t miss a beat and laid down a truly epic quote.

“Describe a hack. I don’t know what a hack is,” Hendrick stated. “Look, [Bowman]’s won four races this year. Denny’s won two.”

After the savage decision to bring up that Bowman has twice as many wins as Hamlin in 2022, Hendrick decided to take a step back and soften his takedown of Hamlin.

“I think Denny just lost it Sunday,” Hendrick explained. “Alex races everybody clean. He’s a good soldier. The sponsors love him. The crowd loves him. I think when you’re in the middle of a disappointment and you’re frustrated and mad, you might say things that you wouldn’t say normally.”

Hendrick ended his response to the question by saying if Bowman is the true definition of a hack, he may need to find some more hacks for his team.

“If he’s a hack, I’d like to have more of ’em,” Hendrick quipped.

While Bowman is not in the Championship 4 this weekend, expect a dogfight between Hendrick Motorsports and Joe Gibbs Racing as both teams come into this weekend’s race at Phoenix Raceway with two drivers looking for a championship. Hendrick will look to score the 14th NASCAR Cup Series championship this weekend, and if his press conference on Tuesday is any indication, Hendrick has his wit sharpened for the battle if it comes down to a war of words.

Toby Christie
Toby Christie
Toby is the Founder, and Editor-in-Chief of Toby is also the co-host of The Final Lap Weekly Podcast. Additionally, he is a NMPA (National Motorsports Press Association) award-winning writer, and has followed the sport as a fan since 1993.

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  1. So Toby all us NASCAR want to kn< When is Denny Hamlin going to get his points taken away for being dangerous on the front straight away during Alex Bowman's winning celebration? Nascar better get more consistent with their ruling of penelties or they will LOSE alot more fan's

  2. Deny Hamlin can be a danger to everyone on the track and not get fined while kyle Busch gets in trouble for calling someone r*******, all about politics now

    • How many has deny put up into the wall .RACE …Nascar today has goten to soft .If you are not rubbing paint and pushing on there door you are not giving it all you got.

    • Nascar ruined that sport years ago,you call that racing,bullshit.follow the leader,not to forget all the caution laps that fans r spending there money on,just to c them go round and round. I won’t spend a nickle on that sport anymore. The good legends r gone.martinsville,what do u expect,really

  3. Denny is just a cry baby he is maid because hendrick is doing so well this year and he wishes he drove a chevy instead of that Toyota he rides around in every week

    • I agree he’s a cry baby but he went to far on Sunday. His owner needs to get him a shock collar to keep him in control. I thought the call was pretty accurate. Looked like Bowman was racing hard and got loose. Any real NASCAR fan has seen that same scenario more times than they can count. For Denny to unload the way he did was just irresponsible. He should know better than to let his emotions get the best of him. When Kyle Busch demonstrates more maturity you need to take note.

  4. I’m not a wrecker, Denny once famously said. Uh yea buddy, you’re as dirty as anyone. NASCAR MUST park him for his antics at Martinsville. If not, send Byron and Bowman to take out Hamlin and Truex. Problem solved. Here’s 2 middle fingers for you Denny Hamlin. Stop Cryin. You’ll never be Tom Cruise no matter how much plastic surgery you have!!

  5. Disgraceful for a veteran like Hamlin to bahave like that. It was a racing deal and he knows it.Over the years he’s done a lot worse to others at Martinsville. I hate people using the word shame these days, but if the shoe fits, wear it. Shame on you Denny. Man up and apologize.

  6. The real problem is that Toyota is not the run away leader in speed anymore therefore when they just get out ran and out drove as well, they just can’t deal with the fact they LOST. You are not that good any more are you,don’t cry it doesn’t look good. One last thing my son’s can out drive both of them but.we don’t have the chance so stop crying and try to RACE!!!

  7. Denny hamlin has always been a pussy even in his kart racing day’s he does what he wants and you can’t say anything but you hit him omg the crybaby pussy systts crying come on nascar fine that sob stop playing with him

  8. When you lose because someone made contact with your car you call it it dirty. But when you are the winner because of contact you say it is just racing. Drivers are becoming whiners and I’m getting tired listening to post race comments!

  9. Denny Hamlin is a great driver and I think if I was in that race I would have done the same. I agree Alex Bowman is a Hack. Go Denny!!! I will take a shirt and add this Alex Bowman is a Hack

    • Marti, it is painfully obvious that you identify with crybaby hypocrites like waah fu*king waah Hamlin. Someone who has done that to dozens of drivers himself doesn’t get to bitch about someone doing it to him. His a hypocrite and you’re a camp following tool.

  10. You can see that Bowman over drove the corner and slid up the hill into Hamlen, if he was a clean driver and not a hack he would be him without taking him out

    • You just contradicted yourself. Must be Denny Whaamlin fan…. “Bowman overdrove the corner and slid up the hill into him”. Then, “if he was clean would’ve beaten him without taking him out.” Which one is it? Sticking up for Bowman or bashing him? If you overdrive a corner and “slide” up a hill in a corner, it does not matter who is there or who does it. Someone is going to either get taken out or pushed up track. Not just in Nascar either, any kind of racing.

  11. I think Denny Hamlin should be parked for his actions . I’m a huge Martin Truex fan but I also greatly admire Kyle Bush for all of his achievements. Denny Hamlin is a huge jerk and nobody likes him . I can’t believe he won’t be penalized .

  12. Denny had a lane that he could have moved up and not crowd Alex, but no, he didn’t want to move up because Alex would have passed him easily. Then he cries about it. Pour crybaby Denny. He is not a champion even if he wins next week. Mikie

  13. Hamlin needs to get parked for next week, let the clown keep his final 4 spot but don’t let this over-sponsered clown race… he is a disgrace to The money FedEx spends on this sponsorship…

  14. Hamlin needs to go and find another woman that he can unload on if he doesn’t get parked next week l say goodbye baby.

    • Crybaby Denny thinks that he’s special since becoming a n owner in NASCAR!
      He just can’t stand anyone out driving him!
      It’s not fair! Joe, you better do something about this! LOL

  15. Denny needs to watch all of the last restrictor races he has been in before he starts running his mouth he has done worse than bowman did in almost every one.

  16. It’s just racing, they’ve all done it, ain’t no one man above, or below any other. They should both extend a hand and move on to Phoenix.

  17. See if Denny Hamlin did that to someone else last Sunday. He would be saying ( that’s just Racing), but when it happens to him, everyone else can’t drive. And there is another Gibbs driver who acts the same way. It’s all right for them to take someone else’s out to win a race. But if it happens to them it wrong. So stop crying, or do you need a diaper.

  18. Kyle Busch, great driver, one of the best. I don’t like him, attitude not good. Has to do some bad or a word drivers use all the time. It’s okay for Baby Denny to use the f word, smack a car in victory lane. What about smacking his wife?

  19. Wow…does anyone remember a guy named Dale Sr??? Tell me that you don’t remember the phrase “the chrome horn” (thanks Tony Stewart for the constant reminder). How about “Rubbin is racin”. If you can’t take it, then don’t dish it out. The day Denny stops “punting” others, pigs will fly. Welcome to NASCAR Boys.

  20. Remember the slogan “Have at it boys”.
    Alex overdrove the corner, it wasn’t intentional.
    Denny needs to be hit with a $50,000 fine for safety reasons

  21. How can NASCAR penalties Kyle and not do anything Denny for acting like a ass at the start finish line then flying down pit road after the race with all the cars and Nascar officials there. WTF

  22. Everyone’s tired of tricky Ricky and his boy toys. Tax evading pos he is. He should’ve been in prison! Instead him and Brian France tooling around in their yachts in Key West. Nascar is going to shit because of these two.

  23. I’m not sure because no one else has mentioned it: didn’t Hamlin turn Elliott around a few laps earlier or was that someone else.
    I can understand the anger but he went on way too much after.

  24. Gibbs said Kyle needs sensitivity traing but so far I haven’t seen anything about what denny did. I was so mad that a grown man would do such an idiotic thing.. reminds me of bullies that do that to kids in school.. I agree Nascar sure pick their favorites.denny can’t seem to get his act together.he took away a special moment for Alex and made it all about him. Poor sportmanship

  25. Stealing trophy ain’t winning, ask Earnhardt, I wished that cheating mother f***** dead . And now he is f*** cheaters f*** liers… f*** em all……

    • I”m waiting for NASCAR to send that ‘bitching, whining,, unmanly Hamlin’ to ANGER MANAGEMENT TRAINING; after fines and point deductions!

  26. Hamlin is a baby and should be fined ,I’m sad that I have the same first name,I raced dirt track ,a little bumping was a big part of that,if ya didnt have a crumpled fender u where a wus

  27. Denny I bet you wish it had been Kevin or Ryan Newman they would have busted that lip for you , you ain’t Kyle Bush so quit trying to act like him , joe you need to have a prayer meeting

  28. Hang around Kyle and start acting like him. What’s wrong is the way they are all so immature in there conduct and words and its not learning how to be classy after a failure or loss like Team Hendricks guys.

  29. I’ve been a fan of NASCAR since the 70’s. I watched the races at Riverside leaning against the fence. I’ve seen a lot of wrecks. A lot of hurt feelings, and a lot of fines handled out. My Boys and I watched the race at Martinsville last Sunday. We were all disgusted with Hamlin’s display of poor sportsmanship. NASCAR officials should dock him points and allow Kyle to Race for the championship. That display has to be the worst outburst, both verbally and physically I have seen in 45 years . Hand down the fine and penalty of docked points. Let’s remember the Bounty on Jeff Gordon scandal and the docking of points.. let’s make an example that being a no care, immature person is not okay.. in any sport..
    Barry from California.

  30. Education can fix idiots. Drugs can fix crazy people. Nothing can fix stupid. Guess we should just give up on Denny. Flash: Maybe NASCAR could ban him, huh, huh?

  31. Exactly what Nascar needs, more beating and banging during the race and after the checkered flag flies. Stay out of it Nascar and enjoy the fat wallets.

  32. I can assure you that there is no better Judge of character than Mr.Hendrick.
    He would tell you the truth if his driver was too aggressive. Hamlin has cried like a child his whole career when things have not gone his way.

  33. Denny has never been my absolute favorite driver but I respected him and his talent until he took chase out in ’19. Now all respect is gone. I bet whiever that is that drives the 23 is embarrassed to have such a 2 faced owner. They should take 25 driver and owner points for sunday, removing him from the chase. The only problem is that lets the king of whiners in, kyle Busch! But fair is fair. Someone make a clip of all the times Hamlin dumped people and same for Bowman the showman

  34. There are drivers that have served penalties for things that were lesser than this so why isn’t he fined. I will say again like I did at a previous Message… This is racing right… Shoe on the other foot would Denny has stopped spinning out another driver???? But I’m sure Alex would not have done the childish maneuver that Denny did.
    If no fines or nothing gets done this race is going to be crazy ….God forbid Alex being anywhere near Denny’s travels.

  35. Embarrassing for Nascar and the fans to spend hard earned $$ on this puke. He has like man syndrome and be suspended. I will never use Fed Ex just because of this crying asshole. You get what you give Hamlin. For once man up,shake a hand and offer Congratulations like a real man!
    P.s. Shame on you Nascar for not penalizing Elliot at Bristol. I’ve never seen a driver throw a temper tantrum like he did and get away with it, losing fans quickly!

    • Nascar needs to stop all the rules and regulations they are getting to SOFT what happen to the past racing like Bill Elliott and Dale Earnhardt, Tim Richman, David Pearson, and the Allisons,I think and most racing fans want to see more of the Real Racing like it was in the past!! Yes you going to have disagreements,so what you can’t please everyone!O’course Nascar going on the side where the money is for them, pretty sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Holy shit! These pansie fans and drivers would have never survived the 70’s 80s and 90s with guys like the late great Dale Earnhardt senior who love to beat and bang and trade paint, not to mention the Allison’s Baker and Petty… STFU and drive because shit happens.

  37. Really??? So many knuckleheads and no words about how Hamlin was taken OUT OF THE LEAD by contact… Do you all endorse “cheap-shot” racing? It certainly was not a clean pass by any measure. If you endorse it, then you will not mind when Hamlin boots Larson or Elliot out of first place and goes on to the win. I’m sure it’s a different story now…

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