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Video: Joe Gibbs Racing Crew Member Pulls Firesuit Off of Kyle Busch After NASCAR Cup Series Race at Watkins Glen

Sunday at Watkins Glen, New York was HOT, HOT, HOT, with real feel temperatures exceeding 90-degrees fahrenheit. That’s on the outside of the car, though, with temperatures inside the car moving very far into the triple-digit figures for over two hours.

It was so hot in the car, that after the 90-lap event, fourth-place finisher Kyle Busch had to have a crew member from his Joe Gibbs Racing team pull his firesuit off of him after the race, then dousing himself in water in an attempt to cool himself down.

Davey Segal captured video of Busch’s crew member pulling the firesuit off of the 36-year-old post-race:


It looks as though Busch was able to stay on his feet and will likely return to his motorhome and attempt to hydrate himself sufficiently. If there are any additional updates on Kyle Busch, they will be added as an update to this story.

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