Thursday, September 21, 2023

YouTube Duo “SuperMega” Entering NASCAR With Martins Motorsports

The No. 44 SuperMega Camaro For Tommy Joe Martins (PC : Martins Motorsports)

In their sophomore season of full-time NASCAR Xfinity competition, Martins Motorsports has been turning some heads as an underdog favorite for their first playoff berth in the organization’s history.

While gaining attention on the track, the team is about to make an even bigger splash in a new realm.

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Martins Motorsports announced on Wednesday that the popular YouTube channel SuperMega will join the No. 44 Camaro for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend celebration at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

“This whole deal is super cool,” said Tommy Joe Martins. “It’s something incredibly different to anything we have really seen before in the world of NASCAR sponsorship.”

The channel, featuring both sketch-comedy and the popular “Let’s Play” content, is approaching a subscriber count of nearly one million users. The channel has more than 1,400 videos in it’s library, 24 of which have amassed a count of more than one million views each.

The No. 44 SuperMega Camaro For Tommy Joe Martins (PC : Martins Motorsports)

“Cars are cool,” said Matt Watson and Ryan Magee, the Co-Founders of SuperMega. “It is absolutely epic to be able to sponsor an actual car in NASCAR. Our dreams of making this happen have finally been made and it’s an honor to have our name in a NASCAR event.”

With NASCAR beginning to relax their COVID-19 guidelines, the partnership will bring some unique content to the channel as both MaGee and Watson are expected to be present for the race. With nearly one million subscribers, both creators can place NASCAR in front of new eyes, and potentially help the sport grow into the younger demographic.

The paint scheme, designed by Ryan Pistana, was designed to capture the fun nature of the channel. The rear bumper in particular might motivate fellow drivers, as the duo will be plastered on the back with a taunting message to anyone behind their car.

The Rear Bumper Of The No. 44 Camaro Will Feature Both Matt Watson, And Ryan Magee Of SuperMega. (PC : Martins)

Said Martins, “Matt and Ryan have produced a lot of hilarious stuff over the years, so for them to see our small team as a fun and fitting place to expand their brand and reach a new audience really says a lot about the kind of people they are. We’re going to have a lot of fun next weekend”.

The partnership between the channel and team was curated by SuperMega’s social media manager Jackson Tucker, who has had his eye on the sport for a while.

“I’ve been getting into NASCAR more and more over the past year or so, and the idea of making something like this happen for SuperMega seemed like it might not actually be attainable,” Tucker explained. “So we’re honestly lucky to have found an avenue to not only make it a reality but by doing so with a team full of people who sort of match the kind of energy we put out there”.

Fans can see the No. 44 SuperMega Camaro hit the track on Saturday, May 29th at 1:00 PM EST on FOX Sports 1 and the FOX Sports app.

Editor’s note: Added clarification that the YouTube SuperMega channel has had more than 1,400 videos and that 24 of them have over 1-million pageviews. Initially, it could be confused that the channel only had 24 videos total.

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    • This has to be within the top 5 moments for me being absolutely speechless. I honestly and truly cannot believe SuperMega is going to be plastered on an actual NASCAR participant and it feels like i’m being gaslit.

  1. “The channel has 24 videos with an amassed count of one million views each.”
    this is the best and funniest part

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