Sunday, August 14, 2022

Video: Track Worker Vehicle Hits John Hunter Nemechek’s Truck Following Turn 1 Crash


John Hunter Nemechek’s day is done in Bristol after being turned off the front bumper Matt Crafton, but the No. 4 Tundra took on even more damage following the spin.

As Nemechek spun into the Turn 1 wall, an out-of-control Derek Kraus struck Nemechek’s truck, subsequentially ending the day for the North Carolina driver.

As the North Carolina driver exited his truck, a track worker truck ended up striking the right rear of the Mobil 1 Toyota. Nemechek was offering a sarcastic round of applause to Crafton when the incident occurred and didn’t appear to notice the contact. The video was captured by Bristol Motor Speedway’s Social Media Team.

The contact from the track worker sent the No. 4 head-on into the inside wall, leading to even more damage.

The new addition to the Kyle Busch Motorsports lineup is already locked into the NASCAR Playoffs for 2021, but his day ended early thanks to the spin. His impressive top-10 streak of 2021 finishes in the Camping World Truck Series will end with the 39th place finish.

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