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Noah “Lefty” Sweet, Ally Racing partner for special on-track scheme for Jimmie Johnson

The No. 48 “Ally Designed by Noah Sweet” Camaro for Jimmie Johnson (Renders by Hendrick Motorsports)

On all forms of social media, and even on the popular motorsports simulator iRacing, there are thousands of young designers putting our their own paint schemes using their limitless imagination.

Many seeking the chance to get their car on track, and to showcase their own creativity with a real NASCAR team.

One of those designers, Noah Sweet (also known in the community as “Lefty”) will have a dream fulfilled this weekend in Texas.

Jimmie Johnson will carry a special Ally designed that was put together by Lefty himself.

The deal was put together in part through social media – in multiple ways.

Back in the summer, Noah posted a photo of a iRacing scheme he designed to celebrate Pride month in June. He took the Β then current Ally Racing Camaro, which featured a black base and the purple and pink tile design, and added a rainbow of colors to the design.

The scheme became a wildly popular scheme on iRacing and Trading Paints website, where iRacing designers can upload their own schemes and use in-race.

Sadly on Twitter, the response was different. In September, many with opposing views came after the designer for his concept scheme. The bullying from the scheme drove Sweet off social media. After a few cryptic and concerning tweets, the NASCAR design community launched into its own frenzy – trying to locate Noah, while also showing their own support with the #WeLoveLefty hashtag.

A petition was created online to get Ally’s attention, and to get the Pride scheme on track. In 20 hours since the petition was posted, the scheme gathered nearly 2,000 signatures.

Thankfully, Noah was located a few hours later, with zero idea of the amount of support he was receiving from social media. The story even caught on media outlets including SiriusXM NASCAR Radio with Mike Bagley.

The amount of support for the young designer caught the attention of Ally, which sent Noah a care package of Ally swag including sweatshirts, hats, and even a custom Bluetooth speaker.

Now as Jimmie Johnson prepares for his final trip to the Lone Star state, a dream come true for Lefty places his name right next to a NASCAR legend and he will forever be apart of Jimmie’s final season.


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