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Tony Stewart on Larson: ‘NASCAR Has to Get Off Their Ass and Do the Right Thing”

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Rumors have already been swirling that Kyle Larson could potentially find himself a home at Stewart-Haas Racing if and when he’s ready for a return to the NASCAR Cup Series. There have been several people who have admitted that Stewart has expressed interest in hiring Larson, including Robin Miller.

A new audio clip of a podcast interview with Tony Stewart from CBS’ Matt Mayer, which was dropped to Twitter, will do little to cool the rumor mill when it comes to Larson possibly driving a SHR machine eventually.

In the interview, Stewart is vocal about his support of Larson and that NASCAR needs to lift his indefinite suspension.

“The kid was hot in NASCAR and was doing a great job. Then since his problems, he’s got in a Sprint Car and absolutely annihilated the Sprint Car field. So, I think if you gotta pick somebody right now, you gotta pick Kyle Larson,” Stewart explained. “But NASCAR has to get off their ass and do the right thing and give this kid an opportunity to get back in the car. I think he’s paid his penalty…”

Here is the full audio from Matt Mayer on Twitter in it’s entirety:

While this is in no-way a slam-dunk confirmation of Larson to SHR, it definitely builds a case that Stewart has a deep fondness for Larson’s driving talent.

Mayer states that his full 15-20 minutes podcast-style interview with Stewart will go live on Wednesday. If this clip is any indication, it’ll be well worth the listen.

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Following this audio drop, Stewart also stopped by SiriusXM NASCAR Radio to talk Larson. In this interview, Stewart extinguished the rumor flames of Larson to SHR a bit.

“We’ve got a full stable right now and I like the guys that we’ve got,” Stewart said. “It’s just a matter of giving them what they need to get the job done.”

Larson was suspended by NASCAR and fired from Chip Ganassi Racing after uttering a racial slur during an iRacing event back in April, while the sport was shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Larson has since completed sensitivity training, and NASCAR confirmed to FOX Sports’ Bob Pockrass on Wednesday that Larson has requested reinstatement, but then later clarified that Larson has not requested reinstatement, but has asked for information regarding to reinstatement.

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  1. nascars president is a useless liberal asshole and chip Ganassi is as bad or worse they both threw Larson under the bus for no good reason other than to suck the c—— of the PC world and black people

  2. Kyle, shove it up NASCAR’s ass! Go to Indy cars if you need to step up, or stay with the dirt series. Nascar is not the good ole boys anymore!

  3. Never thought he needed to be let go, it was not even a real race, and if drivers are left go for what they say on a radio, they haven’t been listening all these years. Would love to see him drive for Steward. , he was out of nascar long enough, this year is almost over. Try asking the fans

  4. Put Larson in a SHR car if they have have room. Give him a ride where he’d be appreciative such as Henderick.

  5. Who was Kyle referring to when he used the “N” word? Who was offended by it? I didn’t know anyone claimed that title! Who took away Kyle’s right to free speech? Come on, let’s be fair, you know he isn’t racist. Also, you can’t legislate acceptance. I’ve been a NASCAR fan for ever, but recently, I quit! Just like disrespecting my country and flag. You can call it what you want, but go where you think you get a better deal than you get here! “God Bless America”

  6. In today’s world you can’t turn on a tv without 2 blacks calling each other that. If it’s so damn offensive don’t nobody say it. I think that’s being more racist than the actual word is. Just saying

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