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Jimmie Johnson and Several Other Drivers Cut Ties to Helmet Painter After Several Tweets Opposing NASCAR’s New Policies

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Well, the purge continues. In the wake of NASCAR making swift and decisive action toward taking measures of inclusion to welcome people of all races and lifestyles into the sport, there have been a few that have attempted to resist change. Ray Ciccarelli, a part-time NASCAR Truck Series team owner and driver announced on Wednesday, that he would be selling off his team at season’s end after NASCAR ruled that the Confederate Flag was no longer welcome at any event or race track.

On Thursday, one of the most prominent helmet painters in the sport — Jason Beam of Beam Designs — also began to implode his career within the sport.

It all started on Wednesday, when Beam blamed NASCAR for Ciccarelli choosing to leave the sport. Beam responded to The Athletic’s Jeff Gluck on Twitter.

Then, Beam tweeted thumbs down emojis and called Bubba Wallace’s paint scheme supporting racial equality, “Garbage.”

Then, Beam walked it back and attempted to save face by responding to a video of Bubba Wallace talking about NASCAR banning the confederate flag. Beam said in a Tweet, “Thank You NASCAR and Bubba Wallace, I fully support the removal of the confederate flag. will rise above the challenges of equality.”

Bubba Wallace wasn’t fooled, neither were Twitter users who had seen the previous messages from Beam.

Wallace, who has used Beam Designs as his helmet painter, shut down Beam immediately.

As other Twitter users urged Jimmie Johnson and Ryan Blaney — who also use Beam’s painting service — to ditch Beam, Beam doubled down and said that he is working on new helmets for Johnson as we speak and that Johnson would not disassociate with him because Johnson doesn’t, “let opinions on history get under their skin.”

Well, apparently Beam misjudged the situation completely, as shortly after that tweet, Johnson — who has used Beam Designs throughout his entire NASCAR Cup Series career — took to Twitter to announce that he was parting ways with his long-time helmet designer.

According to Beam’s Twitter bio, he has been a helmet designer and painter in the industry for over 35 years. Beam Designs has had their paint on the helmets of many influential drivers throughout the history of the sport including defending NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Busch. However, no matter how good your work is, your actions can result in consequences. Beam has learned that can even mean losing a seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion as a client.

After Wallace and Johnson cut ties, Blaney — a really good friend of Wallace — announced that he would no longer use Beam Designs’ services:


Joey Logano, who is teammates with Blaney, also announced on Thursday, that he will no longer be a Beam Designs client:

The Associated Press’ Dan Gelston also confirmed that Kyle Busch has also opted to drop the design company in light of the social media words that were posted.

While there have been a few folks within the NASCAR industry that have attempted to resist changes that are for the inclusion of more people into the sport, the majority of the industry and fan base seem to be very welcoming of the changes.

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  1. Disappointed by reaction of Nascar and drivers.No one but Bubba Wallace has a righ to have an opinion?He drove a car that had a racist logo on it.No response.Didn’t realize how racist Nascar and drivers were.

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