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Video: Quin Houff Gets in the “Mane ‘n Tail Mindset” Ahead of Bristol with Rendition of “Wipe It Down Challenge”

During the eight-week hiatus from racing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Quin Houff decided to take the plunge and make a TikTok account (TikTok is a video-sharing social networking platform).

Nearly two months, 15 videos, 1,350 followers and 4,000 likes later, Houff continues to keep his TikTok account going with various humorous videos, including Houff dancing with his dogs.

One of the biggest trends right now on TikTok is the “Wipe it Down Challenge” to the music of BMW KENNY’s “Wipe It Down”.

In honor of sponsor Mane ‘n Tail’s first race of 2020 at Bristol Motor Speedway this Sunday, Houff performed another rendition of the “Wipe It Down Challenge”.

Watch Houff’s Newest Wipe it Down Challenge here: (you won’t be disappointed)

You can follow Quin Houff on TikTok HERE (click link)



You can follow Quin Houff on Twitter here (@P1Houff):

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