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New Quarantine Celebration? Ryan Blaney Soaks Mask with Post-Race Drink

Ryan Blaney providing entertainment to the fans watching on TV is not of surprise to anyone, as over his multi-year NASCAR career, he has proven to be quite the comedian, between his antics with Darrell Wallace, Jr. and Chase Elliott and his jokes during interviews.

Today was no exception.

Blaney, after being interviewed by FOX Sports’ Vince Welch after his third place finish, squirted his water bottle right into his face, soaking the mask on his face, as well as cooling down his face after a long 312-mile race.

But don’t worry, he was very aware that he had a mask on, saying during post-race media obligations:

Yeah I’ve seen some stuff on that, like “Did you not realize your mask was on?” Of course I realized my mask was on, I thought it was funny. I had to get a drink in and I’d probably get in trouble if I took the mask off to get a drink. I figured I’d just squirt it… I didn’t get any, it works. – Ryan Blaney 

Is this a new method of celebration for drivers during this quarantine? It would be a celebration that would create some funny moments from all involved and it 100% puts the bow to shame.

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