Friday, September 29, 2023

Supershoe: Corey LaJoie Has Received More Than 1,000 Donations, $80,000 For Samartian’s Feet

Photo Credit: @GoFasRacing32 on Twitter.

This story has been covered at length, but it’s worth updating because Corey LaJoie and his wife Kelly have done an incredible job bringing the charity Samaritan’s Feet to the forefront and by helping the organization gain donations to help put shoes on the feet of those less fortunate across the planet.

According to the driver known as Supershoe, past mission trips to third world countries sparked his desire to put shoes on those who are not fortunate to own a pair.

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“It’s been a crazy week,” LaJoie said in a press conference on Saturday morning. “It’s all kind of combined. There’s like two heads to the thing.  I met [Dr.] Manny [Ohonme] about a month ago, right before Daytona, and I’ve always admired Samaritan’s Feet from a distance. I’ve always felt called to provide shoes for those in need.

“I’ve been to several mission trips to third world countries and seen first hand the overwhelming poverty that nobody in this room could ever imagine, unless you go there and see it with your own eyes.  We went to Haiti last year, Kelly and I did, and we saw the need there and I’ve always kind of had this feeling that my nickname is Supershoe, so it’s a natural fit to provide shoes, right?”

This week, LaJoie has the Samaritan’s Feet charitable organization on his race car (he has given up a month of his driving salary to do so) and he has offered to write every person’s name who donates to the cause through his link on his No. 32 Ford Mustang. So far, the Go Fas Racing machine has more than 1,000 names hand-written on it.

Here is a video posted to Twitter, showing LaJoie hand-writing names on his race car:

The overall result? Over $80,000 raised for this incredible cause.

There is still time to donate — has done so. You can donate to LaJoie’s Supershoes campaign from the following link:

Toby Christie
Toby Christie
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