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Report: Scott Russell Gragson’s Blood Alcohol Level Nearly Twice Legal Limit

Continuing the story that broke last Thursday, where Scott Russell Gragson — the father of NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Noah Gragson — drove impaired, crashed which resulted in the death of one of his four passengers.

Now, a new report from the Las Vegas Review Journal states that Gragson’s blood alcohol level at the time of his blood test was 0.147, or nearly twice the legal limit of 0.08.

There was concern that Gragson’s blood test would come back under the legal limit, despite being inebriated, as the test was conducted more than three hours after the accident. The usual protocol is that blood tests are performed within two hours of a suspected DUI crash.

Despite the test taking more than an hour to complete than is usually protocol, Gragson’s blood alcohol level was staggering.

To read the full updated report from the Las Vegas Review Journal, click here.

Gragson was taken into custody after receiving medical treatment after the accident, but has since been released on $250,000 bond. Gragson was required to relinquish his passport and he must not drink alcohol while he awaits a trial.

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