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Nick Sanchez Makes Incredible Three-Wide Move in Overtime to Steal Victory from 2021 Champion Ty Gibbs at Kansas

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Woah, Woah, Woah, hold on a second, that’s not how it was supposed to play out.

Ty Gibbs and Joe Gibbs Racing were about five laps away from pulling a Saturday sweep at Kansas Speedway, winning the NASCAR Xfinity Series race earlier in the afternoon, and absolutely annihilating the field in the majority of the ARCA Menards Series event. However, a caution for a cut tire by Eric Caudell changed everything.

The 19-year-old was so dominant, that only four drivers were still on the lead lap when the final yellow of the evening flew, with one of those four taking the free pass at Lap 50. After all eligible cars came down pit road and changed four tires, the subsequent restart was the only time that Gibbs faltered, losing the lead to eventual race winner Nick Sanchez.

Sanchez made a three-wide move for the win on championship rivals Corey Heim and Ty Gibbs just after the start-finish line, one that allowed him to run away with his first victory in the ARCA Menards Series, as well as the first ARCA Menards Series (national) victory for REV Racing.

Gibbs – as previously mentioned — finished in second place, but was able to capture the 2021 ARCA Menards Series championship by simply taking the green flag in the event. Venturini Motorsports teammates Corey Heim and Drew Dollar finished in third and fourth-place, with JP Bergeron rounding out the top-five in his second ARCA start.

Kris Wright, Kyle Sieg, Dean Thompson, Rajah Caruth, and Parker Chase rounded out the top-10 finishers in Saturday’s Reese’s 150 at Kansas Speedway. Other notables included Connor Mosack in 11th, Andy Jankowiak in 13th, Greg Van Alst in 14th, and Toni Breidinger in 16th.

2021 Reese’s 150 at Kansas Speedway Race Results:

  1. No. 2 – Nick Sanchez
  2. No. 18 – Ty Gibbs (-0.146 seconds)
  3. No. 20 – Corey Heim (-0.496 seconds)
  4. No. 15 – Drew Dollar (-1.118 seconds)
  5. No. 46 – JP Bergeron (-2.595 seconds)
  6. No. 30 – Kris Wright (-1 Lap)
  7. No. 28 – Kyle Sieg (-1 Lap)
  8. No. 40 – Dean Thompson (-1 Lap)
  9. No. 6 – Rajah Caruth (-1 Lap)
  10. No. 25 – Parker Chase (-2 Laps)
  11. No. 02 – Connor Mosack (-2 Laps)
  12. No. 69 – Scott Melton (-2 Laps)
  13. No. 73 – Andy Jankowiak (-2 Laps)
  14. No. 35 – Greg Van Alst (-2 Laps)
  15. No. 11 – Ron Vandermeir Jr. (-3 Laps)
  16. No. 55 – Toni Breidinger (-4 Laps)
  17. No. 27 – Zachary Tinkle (-8 Laps)
  18. No. 01 – DL Wilson (-8 laps)
  19. No. 7 – Eric Caudell (-10 Laps)
  20. No. 10 – Arnout Kok (OUT)
  21. No. 66 – Kyle Lockrow (OUT)
  22. No. 12 – Tony Cosentino (OUT)
  23. No. 06 – Brad Smith (OUT)
  24. No. 48 – Wayne Peterson (DNS)

FINAL 2021 ARCA Menards Series Points Standings (Unofficial):

118Ty Gibbs2010920
220Corey Heim201055-37
32Nick Sanchez18739-353
446Thad Moffitt16666-426
506/48Brad Smith19638-454
601/10/12D.L. Wilson14464-628
715Drew Dollar12444-648
817/46Taylor Gray11428-664
928Kyle Sieg11396-696
1015/16/25Jesse Love10386-706
1125Gracie Trotter9279-813
1201/10/11/48Owen Smith10273-819
1302/25/55Toni Breidinger9258-834
1427Tim Richmond9253-839
1521/22Jack Wood8253-839
1635Greg Van Alst9242-850
1706/27Zachary Tinkle8238-854
1821Daniel Dye6232-860
1901/11/12Tony Cosentino10231-861
2073Andy Jankowiak7222-870
2127Alex Clubb7220-872
2269Scott Melton7181-911
236Rajah Caruth5180-912
2497Jason Kitzmiller6177-915
257Eric Caudell6171-921
2630Kris Wright5161-931
2723Sam Mayer5149-943
2815/25/55Parker Chase4146-946
2923Bret Holmes4141-951
3030Max Gutierrez4120-972
3110/11Ed Pompa4118-974
322/30Landen Lewis3117-975
3354Joey Iest4113-979
3469Will Kimmel3113-979
3581Sammy Smith3107-985
3611Mason Mingus3102-990
3763Dave Mader III395-997
3801/11Richard Garvie492-1000
3911/66Ron Vandermeir392-1000
4001/12/44Stephanie Moyer491-1001
4110/11/12Dick Doheny390-1002
4202Connor Mosack389-1003
4310Arnout Kok387-1005
441Austin Hill284-1008
4501/3/10Willie Mullins384-1008
4625Brandon Jones280-1012
4701/10Jason Miles378-1014
4801/11Bryce Haugeberg377-1015
4910/12Ken Schrader275-1017
5046JP Bergeron275-1017
5101/10Tim Monroe274-1018
5274Mason Diaz374-1018
5310/11Brandon Varney272-1020
5424Ryan Unzicker271-1021
558Sean Corr269-1023
5640/51Dean Thompson265-1027
5736Ryan Huff264-1028
5806/50AJ Moyer264-1028
5950Morgan Alexander263-1029
6010/11Jade Buford262-1030
6129Derrick Lancaster261-1031
6291Justin S. Carroll259-1033
6306/48Wayne Peterson259-1033
6442Conner Jones257-1035
6569Russ Lane256-1036
6625/55Derek Griffith254-1038
6757Bryan Dauzat250-1042
6887Charles Buchanan249-1043
6944John Ferrier248-1044
7094Benny Chastain247-1045
7106Con Nicolopoulos246-1046
7250Carson Hocevar140-1052
7316Justin Allgaier140-1052
7419Derek Kraus139-1053
7506Don Thompson239-1053
7617Tanner Gray138-1054
7730Cole Williams138-1054
7812Stanton Barrett138-1054
7954Riley Herbst138-1054
8010Morgen Baird137-1055
8113Todd Souza136-1056
8232Austin Wayne Self135-1057
8365Jeffery MacZink135-1057
8421Kody Swanson135-1057
856Trevor Huddleston134-1058
8694Chris Hacker134-1058
8730Adam Lemke134-1058
8833Paul Pedroncelli Jr.133-1059
8925Chandler Smith133-1059
9050Jett Noland133-1059
9111Mike Goudie133-1059
9242Parker Retzlaff133-1059
9399Cole Moore132-1060
9432Howie DiSavino III131-1061
9510Mark Lowrey130-1062
9610Jason White130-1062
9745Rich Bickle129-1063
9801Michael Harper129-1063
9901Mike Basham128-1064
10077Tony Toste127-1065
1019Thomas Praytor127-1065
10202Mark Green127-1065
1039Jake Drew126-1066
10474Chris Werth124-1068
10512Nick Igdalsky123-1069
10666Kyle Lockrow123-1069
10788Bridget Burgess122-1070
10814Chase Briscoe122-1070
10942Tyler Ankrum122-1070
1107Takuma Koga121-1071
11127WBobby Hillis120-1072
11288Scott Reeves120-1072
11360Brad Perez120-1072
11401Chuck Hiers119-1073
1153Dale Quarterly119-1073
11617WZane Smith116-1076
11777Dr. Ed Bull115-1077
11830Brittney Zamora110-1082
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