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Corey Heim Tops Saturday’s Daytona Test Session in Venturini Motorsports Top-Three Sweep

Corey Heim, driver of the No. 20 Venturini Motorsports Toyota, in action during the ARCA Menards Series test at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida, on Jan. 15, 2021. (Kate Gardiner/ARCA Racing)

Corey Heim and Venturini Motorsports teammates Drew Dollar and Derek Griffith led Saturday’s second leg of the two-day testing session for the ARCA Menards Series at Daytona International Speedway.

Heim – piloting the No. 20 Toyota Camry — timed in at 49.134 seconds / 183.172mph in a pack of cars early in Saturday’s testing session.

Venturini Motorsports teammates Drew Dollar and Derek Griffith were second and third-place, with Jack Wood and Dave Mader III rounding out the top-five. Taylor Gray, Ty Gibbs, Thad Moffitt, Bret Holmes and Willie Mullins rounded out the top-10 in the session.

Jack Wood – driving for GMS Racing — completed the most laps in Saturday’s leg of the test, completed 61 laps / 152.5 miles around the Daytona International Speedway.

Rich Bickle ran 117 laps / 292.5 miles over the course of the two-day test, just under the total distance of the NASCAR Xfinity Series event.

Full Results from Saturday’s Testing Session:

RankCar No.DriverBest LapDiff
120Corey Heim49.134--.---
215Drew Dollar49.1750.041
355Derek Griffith49.1830.049
421Jack Wood49.2050.071
563Dave Mader III49.2080.074
617Taylor Gray49.2180.084
718Ty Gibbs49.2190.085
846Thad Moffitt49.2380.104
923HBret Holmes49.2550.121
103Willie Mullins49.3270.193
1118ATy Gibbs49.4090.275
1229BDerrick Lancaster49.4480.314
1332Howie DiSavino III49.4850.351
1445Rich Bickle49.5150.381
158Sean Corr49.5400.406
1629AJosh Berry49.5950.461
1794CAlex Sedgwick49.6830.549
1844John Ferrier49.6960.562
1944AMark Lowrey49.8320.698
2073Andy Jankowiak49.8810.747
2123MSam Mayer50.3831.249
222SNick Sanchez50.4991.365
2383Chase Dixon50.9151.781
2488RScott Reeves51.0311.897
257Brittany Zamora51.0321.898
2635Greg Van Alst51.2252.091
2711Richard Garvie51.4052.271
2810PEd Pompa51.4082.274
2901HChuck Hiers51.4932.359
3012MJustin Mondeik51.5382.404
3169Scott Melton51.6112.477
3210RParker Retzlaff51.7282.594
3394BBryce Haugeberg51.7772.643
3410MStephanie Moyer51.8052.671
353BRobert Bruce51.8712.737
3602BToni Breidinger51.9702.836

FULL Results from ARCA Menards Series Two-Day Test at Daytona (Best Times from Both Sessions):

RankCar No.DriverDATEBest LapDiff
129BDerrick LancasterFriday48.939--
218Ty GibbsFriday48.9850.046
320Corey HeimSaturday49.1340.195
415Drew DollarSaturday49.1750.236
555Derek GriffithSaturday49.1830.244
621Jack WoodSaturday49.2050.266
763Dave Mader IIISaturday49.2080.269
817Taylor GraySaturday49.2180.279
918Ty GibbsSaturday49.2190.28
1046Thad MoffittSaturday49.2380.299
1123HBret HolmesSaturday49.2550.316
1246Thad MoffittFriday49.2750.336
138Sean CorrFriday49.3110.372
142SNick SanchezFriday49.3120.373
153Willie MullinsSaturday49.3270.388
1623HBret HolmesFriday49.3540.415
1720Corey HeimFriday49.3680.429
1818ATy GibbsSaturday49.4090.47
1917Taylor GrayFriday49.4100.471
2045Rich BickleFriday49.4350.496
2129BDerrick LancasterSaturday49.4480.509
2232Howie DiSavino IIISaturday49.4850.546
2321Jack WoodFriday49.4970.558
2463Dave Mader IIIFriday49.5080.569
2535Greg Van AlstFriday49.5120.573
2645Rich BickleSaturday49.5150.576
2732Howie DiSavino IIIFriday49.5170.578
2823MSam MayerFriday49.5230.584
298Sean CorrSaturday49.5400.601
3029AJosh BerrySaturday49.5950.656
3102WKris WrightFriday49.6030.664
3294CAlex SedgwickSaturday49.6830.744
3355Derek GriffithFriday49.6910.752
3444John FerrierSaturday49.6960.757
3515Drew DollarFriday49.7010.762
3644AMark LowreySaturday49.8320.893
3773Andy JankowiakSaturday49.8810.942
3873Andy JankowiakFriday49.9380.999
3944John FerrierFriday49.9511.012
4060DAndrik DimayugaFriday50.0411.102
4194DDawson CramFriday50.0441.105
4225Gracie TrotterFriday50.1181.179
4340NJett NolandFriday50.1541.215
4494CAlex SedgwickFriday50.2131.274
4569Scott MeltonFriday50.2851.346
463Willie MullinsFriday50.3261.387
473CDavey CallihanFriday50.3681.429
4823MSam MayerSaturday50.3831.444
492SNick SanchezSaturday50.4991.56
5028Kyle SiegFriday50.5411.602
5110CJason CrabtreeFriday50.6861.747
5240HCarson HocevarFriday50.8771.938
5383Chase DixonSaturday50.9151.976
5497Jason KitzmillerFriday50.9432.004
5588RScott ReevesSaturday51.0312.092
567Brittany ZamoraSaturday51.0322.093
5744CBenny ChastainFriday51.1502.211
5835Greg Van AlstSaturday51.2252.286
592GMark GreenFriday51.2362.297
6018ATy GibbsFriday51.2572.318
6112LCharles LacarreFriday51.3412.402
6211Richard GarvieSaturday51.4052.466
6310PEd PompaSaturday51.4082.469
6412NMichael HarperFriday51.4452.506
6583Chase DixonFriday51.4872.548
6601HChuck HiersSaturday51.4932.554
6712MJustin MondeikSaturday51.5382.599
6869Scott MeltonSaturday51.6112.672
6910DDevin RouseFriday51.6362.697
7060GJuan GonzalezFriday51.6612.722
7129AJosh BerryFriday51.7102.771
7210RParker RetzlaffSaturday51.7282.789
7394BBryce HaugebergSaturday51.7772.838
7410MStephanie MoyerSaturday51.8052.866
753BRobert BruceSaturday51.8712.932
7644AMark LowreyFriday51.8752.936
7702BToni BreidingerSaturday51.9793.031
7801PBlaine PerkinsFriday52.1603.221
7910PEd PompaFriday52.2633.324
8011Richard GarvieFriday52.3393.4
8110SOwen SmithFriday52.6863.747
8288MRicky MoxleyFriday52.8573.918
8388RScott ReevesFriday53.1174.178
847Brittany ZamoraFriday53.2264.287
8512BMariah BoundrieauFriday59.64110.702
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