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Video: Harrison Burton Slams Outside Wall Head-On in Cup Practice from Las Vegas

Harrison Burton will have to start from the rear of the field in Sunday’s Pennzoil 400, after a vicious crash in Saturday’s NASCAR Cup Series practice from Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where he totaled his No. 21 Ford Mustang.

If Harrison Burton and Wood Brothers Racing are to score a solid finish in Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series event at Las Vegas, they’re going to have lots of adversity to overcome.

Burton, in his second-year of competition in the NASCAR Cup Series, was headed down the frontstretch at full-speed when fluid from his No. 21 Ford Mustang got on his right-side tires, sending him for a ride in the first corner.

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For a second, it looked like Burton was going to be able to pull off an incredible save, and salvage his primary car for Sunday’s 400-mile contest. However, mid-drift, the car overcorrected and slammed into the outside wall head-on.

At this time, Wood Brothers Racing has yet to confirm if they’ll move to a backup car. However, the extensive damage to the No. 21 seems like it’d be difficult to fix in an adequate manner for Sunday’s race.

“I don’t know. I went sideways really quickly,” said Harrison Burton. “I looked at my dash because I had my water temp flash hot, looked down and then back up to go in the corner, and as soon as I turned in, it was really sideways. I don’t know if that’s what happened or not. I’d like to see it before I say that.”

Burton enters Sunday’s event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway 19th in NASCAR Cup Series point standings, after scoring a top-15 result last weekend at Auto Club Speedway.

“That sucks so bad. I felt like we had a decent car – fired off OK with a lot of grips, then all of the sudden, there wasn’t,” Burton continued. “Pretty upset I guess, I feel fine. It was definitely a hard hit. Anytime you get head-on with that speed, it doesn’t feel great. But, I feel fine – just wish I could have that corner back. I don’t know what exactly caused it, but I wish I had a chance to avoid it. I guess that’s part of it.”

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