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Busch Light Clash At The Coliseum: NASCAR DFS Driver Picks For DraftKings and FanDuel

It is Busch Light Clash at the LA Memorial Coliseum week! The Garage Guys are here with your best DFS picks for this weekend’s exhibition event. Photo Credit: NASCAR

It’s been 92 days since I saw an official NASCAR race take place in America. A total of 94 days since I cashed a DFS lineup on DraftKings and FanDuel, and 94 days since I hit a NASCAR bet.

This Sunday, NASCAR finally returns with the Busch Light Clash At The Coliseum in Los Angles California, and I’ve got an itch that’s beyond ready to be scratched.

In short, NASCAR SEASON IS BACK! I’m beyond excited to kick off the season with the Garage Fam with a brand new race in a brand new place (I only rhymed that because Ice Cube is performing on Sunday and I want him to know that he isn’t the only one with rhyming skills in the NASCAR world now), and The Busch Light Clash is going to be one beautiful shit show that I can’t wait to throw a ton of money at.

A lot will be different for this race though, so I’m going to lay out the basics and then give you the blueprint. Also, not only will the racing be wild, but NASCAR has set up what my vision has always been for racing. Ice Cube, Pitbull, and DJ Skee will be performing DURING the race. That’s right folks, music, and racing combined. I’m beyond excited for this.

Busch Light Clash At The L.A. Coliseum Basics

This year’s Clash will be held on a brand new 0.25 Mile track in the middle of the Los Angles Memorial Coliseum (fit for the racing gods). It will be aired on Fox starting at 3 P.M. ET and the main event kicks off at 6 P.M. ET. There will be Heat Races and a final field of 23 drivers for the Clash itself, so it’s important to know who is in the “Big Show” before setting your NASCAR DFS lineups on DraftKings and FanDuel and placing your bets.

Busch Light Clash Qualifying 

On Saturday, February 5th, NASCAR Cup Series drivers will run practice sessions before qualifying. After the practice session, single-car qualifying will begin to determine starting position for the Heat Races. Every driver will have to compete in the Heat races the following day.

Busch Light Clash Heat Races 

On Sunday, February 6th Heat Races for the Busch Light Clash begin, and they are gonna be wild AF! The top four drivers from single lap qualifying the day before will each start on the pole for the four heats. The top four finishers from each heat will advance to the clash.

Busch Light Clash Last Chance Races (LCQs)

Once the four heat races are completed, the Busch Light Clash LCQs will start to determine the final six drivers who will advance to the big show. There will be two LCQ races with the 17th and 18th place drivers starting from the pole in each race. The 23rd spot in the Clash will be fielded by the driver who finished highest in the points out of the drivers who failed to advance in the LCQs. 

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Busch Light Clash DFS Driver Picks For DraftKings, FanDuel

Denny Hamlin (DraftKings – $10K  | FanDuel – TBA)

Denny Hamlin has been known to mess around and take down a short track from time to time, so I don’t see him missing the big show this go-round. Denny is by far my choice to be a sure lock to make the race and a guy who could get up front and stay up front. I fully expect to see dominator potential from Denny on Sunday, and he’ll be one of my picks to win.

Joey Logano (DraftKings $8.8K | FanDuel – TBA)

Joey Logano was a quiet boi last season, only winning one race and barely making a name for himself in the 2021 NASCAR Playoffs. I look for things to change coming into the 2022 season with this brand new car and a reinvigorated spirit. Joey should find himself starting inside the Top 12 for this race, and with his defense game and grit on full blast, he could bully his way to the top and have a shot at the win.

Alex Bowman (DraftKings $7.4K | FanDuel – TBA)

Alex Bowman is a name that has been stuck in my head for the past month when thinking about the Clash. Maybe it’s because they tested the cars at Bowman Grey stadium, or maybe it’s because he’s become a short-track tyrant over the past two years. Either way, Bowman is someone that is what some may call “The Gut Boi” for this race, and I’m leaving it at that.

Bubba Wallace (DraftKings $6.1K | FanDuel – TBA)

Bubba Wallace has a very good price tag on him for the Clash, and with all of the hype built around him this past season, he is going to be ready to show out in 2022 (that’s the hope). I’m willing to roll the dice on him for this race and plug him into some lineups and could see him holding the place differential potential with a starting spot toward the back of the pack. We’ll need to keep tabs on him for this one, but I like him for a long shot at +10000 on DraftKings Sportsbook as of now.

*Editor’s Note: This Busch Light Clash DFS Pick Preview will potentially change between original posting up until the start of the actual race. Check back periodically throughout the week for up to date optimal picks.

It all depends on who makes the 23-car field.

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