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2022 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Owner Point Standings
Here are the final 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series Owner Point Standings. The No. 54 Joe Gibbs Racing team took the owner's championship.

2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series Owner Point Standings

2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series Owner Point Standings after race 33 of 33

Note #1: Prior to Richmond, SS-GLR w/ Jeff Lefcourt acquired owner points for the No. 08 from DGM Racing’s No. 92. Effective Race 7, the No. 08 will earn points as the No. 108.

Note #2: Prior to Talladega, BJ McLeod Motorsports swapped owner points between the organization’s No. 78 and No. 99 entries. Effective Race 9, the No. 78 will earn points as the No. 178, while the No. 99 will earn points as the No. 199.

Note #3: Prior to Dover, MBM Motorsports acquired owner points for the No. 13 from RSS Racing’s No. 28. Effective Race 10, the No. 13 will earn points as the No. 113.

RankNo.TeamAttemptsPointsDiffWinsStage WinsPlayoff Points
154Joe Gibbs Racing334040071038
29JR Motorsports334035-581656
37JR Motorsports334034-63833
48JR Motorsports334024-163622
516Kaulig Racing332333-17075444
621Richard Childress Racing332273-17672318
718Joe Gibbs Racing332247-1793045
81JR Motorsports332239-1801025
919Joe Gibbs Racing332220-18201310
1011Kaulig Racing332219-1821032
1198Stewart-Haas Racing332197-1843002
1251Jeremy Clements Racing332069-1971105
1310Kaulig Racing33779-3261000
142Richard Childress Racing33751-3289000
1539RSS Racing33717-3323010
1648Big Machine Racing33633-3407100
1723Our Motorsports33633-3407000
1826Sam Hunt Racing33624-3416000
1902Our Motorsports33562-3478000
2027Our Motorsports33560-3480000
2168Brandonbilt Motorsports33555-3485000
2236DGM Racing33551-3489000
2331Jordan Anderson Racing33527-3513010
2402SS-GLR w/Jeff Lefcourt33521-3519110
2544Alpha Prime Racing33461-3579000
2638RSS Racing33429-3611000
274JD Motorsports33428-3612000
2845Alpha Prime Racing33415-3625000
2934Jesse Iwuji Motorsports33392-3648000
3035Emerling Gase Motorsports33387-3653000
31108SS-GLR w/Jeff Lefcourt33386-3654000
3266Motorsports Business Management33369-3671000
3391DGM Racing33368-3672000
346JD Motorsports33356-3684000
35178B.J. McLeod Motorsports33327-3713000
365B.J. McLeod Motorsports33326-3714000
37113Motorsports Business Management32233-3807000
3888JR Motorsports8197-3843110
3917Hendrick Motorsports4156-3884030
40192DGM Racing10115-3925000
41199B.J. McLeod Motorsports1282-3958000
42128RSS Racing654-3986000
4347Mike Harmon Racing2954-3986000
443Richard Childress Racing138-4002000
4553Emerling Gase Motorsports234-4006000
4677Bassett Racing1429-4011000
4724Sam Hunt Racing222-4018000
4855B.J. McLeod Motorsports217-4023000
4914Kaulig Racing114-4026000
5008BOBBY DOTTER69-4031000
5152Means Motorsports70-4040000
5213HORACE LONG50-4040000
5333Reaume Brothers Racing30-4040000
5432Jordan Anderson Racing30-4040000
5590DGM Racing20-4040000
6474Mike Harmon Racing1-75-4115000

Final 2022 NASCAR Xfinity Series Regular Season Owner Point Standings

RankNo.TeamAttemptsPointsDiffWinsStage WinsPlayoff Points
116Kaulig Racing26104803217
27JR Motorsports26995-533823
39JR Motorsports26988-6061343
454Joe Gibbs Racing26976-725631
58JR Motorsports26901-1472616
621Richard Childress Racing26808-2402111
719Joe Gibbs Racing26798-250116
81JR Motorsports26720-328022
998Stewart-Haas Racing26711-337000
1018Joe Gibbs Racing26706-342044
1111Kaulig Racing26638-410022
1210Kaulig Racing26601-447000
1339RSS Racing26592-456011
142Richard Childress Racing26566-482000
1523Our Motorsports26501-547000
1626Sam Hunt Racing26495-553000
1768Brandonbilt Motorsports26486-562000
1848Big Machine Racing26473-575100
1902Our Motorsports26457-591000
2051Jeremy Clements Racing26456-592105
2136DGM Racing26435-613000
2207SS-GLR w/Jeff Lefcourt26429-619110
2331Jordan Anderson Racing26416-632011
2427Our Motorsports26405-643000
2544Alpha Prime Racing26359-689000
2638RSS Racing26349-699000
2745Alpha Prime Racing26337-711000
284JD Motorsports26332-716000
29108SS-GLR w/Jeff Lefcourt26326-722000
3091DGM Racing26321-727000
3135Emerling Gase Motorsports26318-730000
3266Motorsports Business Management26317-731000
3334Jesse Iwuji Motorsports26293-755000
346JD Motorsports26282-766000
355B.J. McLeod Motorsports26265-783000
36178B.J. McLeod Motorsports26261-787000
3788JR Motorsports8197-851110
38113Motorsports Business Management25192-856000
3917Hendrick Motorsports4156-892030
40199B.J. McLeod Motorsports1282-966000
41192DGM Racing560-988000
4247Mike Harmon Racing2651-997000
43128RSS Racing441-1007000
443Richard Childress Racing138-1010000
4553Emerling Gase Motorsports234-1014000
4677Bassett Racing1128-1020000
4724Sam Hunt Racing222-1026000
4855B.J. McLeod Motorsports217-1031000
4914Kaulig Racing114-1034000
5008BOBBY DOTTER69-1039000
5113HORACE LONG50-1048000
5252Means Motorsports60-1048000
5333Reaume Brothers Racing30-1048000
5432Jordan Anderson Racing20-1048000
5590DGM Racing20-1048000
6474Mike Harmon Racing1-75-1123000

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