Monday, March 27, 2023

Video: Corey LaJoie Attempts to Jack Up Next Gen Car, Determines He ‘Ain’t Got The Ass For It’

Jacking up a NASCAR Cup Series car on your own isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do… just ask Corey LaJoie, he’ll confirm that for you, especially after his experience at Charlotte’s Next Gen testing session on Thursday.

Luckily – for us — Parker Kligerman was there to see it happen, and caught the whole thing on video, including a hilarious quote after the failed attempt, when LaJoie said: “I ain’t got the ass for it.”

In conclusion, thank you, Parker, you have done the world a great service by capturing this moment on video.

Joseph Srigley
Joseph Srigley
University of Windsor | Business Administration - Supply Chain & Data Analytics Editor at

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  1. Why is the title and preview for this article the first thing I see when I login to my computer? I’m dying xD! Great way to start my morning.

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