Monday, November 27, 2023

Bayley Currey’s No. 74 Running 4 Heroes Camaro Honoring First Responders, 12-Year-Old Zechariah Cartledge

The No. 74 Camaro of NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Bayley Currey will carry a special meaning on track when the Xfinity Series opens at Daytona in February.

Currey’s Mike Harmon Racing Camaro will sport sponsorship from Running 4 Heroes and will honor First Responders who lost their lives in 2020.

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The No. 74 Running 4 Heroes Camaro (PC : Mike Harmon Racing)

The sponsorship comes from a non-profit that was started by 12-year-old Zechariah Cartledge, who runs one mile for every First Responder the organization honors. During his run, Cartledge runs with either a blue line flag, a red line flag, or a green line flag to represent the first responder. Additionally, he will send the flag, plus a handwritten note to the family of the responder being honored.

In his mission, he has run a total of 807 miles and raised nearly $100,000 in aid to a combined 14 injured First Reponsders. His story has caught national attention, from appearing on Good Morning America, to even being considered for the Presidental Medal of Freedom from former President Donald Trump.

Fans can see the NASCAR Xfinity Series go green for the ‘Beef. It’s what’s for Dinner. 300’ on Saturday, February 13th at 500 PM EST on FOX Sports 1.

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