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Kyle Weatherman, Mike Harmon Racing Running Back the Blue Scheme at Homestead

Photo Credit: @MhrRacing on Twitter.

While a minority of long-time NASCAR fans have been hesitant to get on board with the changes that NASCAR has made over the past week for more inclusion in the sport, people who stand on the side of Back the Blue in the wake of the George Floyd being murder, which has sparked protests across all 50 states, will appreciate Kyle Weatherman’s paint scheme for Homestead.

The No. 47 Mike Harmon Racing Chevrolet Camaro, which has featured the Donald Trump 2020 campaign at Daytona and Atlanta, will feature #BackTheBlue.

The side of the black car will feature a blue stripe, and on the hood of the car is a black and white American flag with one single blue stripe.

On the rear quarter panels and rear bumper is the hashtag BackTheBlue.

There was some talk that NASCAR could have banned the scheme due to all that is going on, currently. But ultimately, the scheme was approved for MHR to run.

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  1. why to go mike -im proud tobe a law enforcement guy for 26 years -you make us proud. keeep it up and finish good.

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