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Brad Keselowski Left Seething After Teammate Joey Logano’s Blocking in Busch Clash

Brad Keselowski’s No. 2 MoneyLion Ford Mustang was the dominant car in Sunday’s Busch Clash at Daytona International Speedway. In all, Keselowski led 33 laps before his race came to an end on lap 66 after his Team Penske teammate Joey Logano made a wild block in an effort to stay ahead of Kyle Busch for the lead.

The block started a pileup which swept up Logano and Busch. Then, Keselowski was just a victim with nowhere left to go as he piled in as well.

After being cleared from the infield care center, Keselowski had some choice words about his teammate.

“We just got wrecked for no reason,” Keselowski stated emphatically. “Dumb, dumb racing. Just dumb moves being thrown out there. Guys who don’t know what they’re doing so they throw crazy ass blocks. We shouldn’t be wrecking all of these cars.”

Keselowski has long been a driver who doesn’t care for blocking, and yet again he ended up on the hook after an errant block. Keselowski just wishes other drivers would be a little smarter.

“You would think these guys would be smarter than that,” said Keselowski. “Look we all cause wrecks, shit I get in wrecks all the time — I cause them. But the same one over and over again just the same thing, someone throws a stupid block that’s never going to work then wrecks half the field then [shrugs].”

Keselowski has had a long week already in Daytona, as he collided with a gate on his path back onto the track during second Daytona 500 practice on Saturday. Keselowski spent more than four hours aiding his team make repairs to that No. 2 Ford Mustang. Now, his team has another heap of scrap metal to fix.

With options of how to get drivers to be smarter being limited, Keselowski joked that perhaps the safety features should be removed from the cars to get drivers to calm down.

“I don’t know. Maybe we need to take the helmets out of these cars and take the seat belts out. Somebody will get hurt, but then we’ll stop driving like assholes. I don’t know, we’ll figure it out I guess,” said an angry Keselowski.

The full chat with Keselowski coming out of the infield care center was posted to Twitter by Autoweek’s Matt Weaver. Here it is in it’s entirety:

Logano admitted that maybe the entire field could learn a lot more about plate-style racing.

“Yeah apparently we all suck at this,” said Logano. “There’s only like three cars left.”

When asked specifically about the comments that Keselowski made about him, Logano didn’t sound too worried.

“We get along fine, I don’t think he’s mad at me,” stated Logano.

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