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Report: Honda has “Interest” in Joining NASCAR

When talks about new manufacturers coming into NASCAR comes up, there are two car makes that have been continually rumored lately. Dodge and Honda.

The latter, has been rumored very heavily. In fact, former NASCAR driver Mike Wallace spread the rumor that Honda would be going Cup Series racing in 2020 with Richard Petty Motorsports earlier this year. That report, turned out to be false ultimately.

But Honda has had talks with NASCAR in Indianapolis back in May at their trailer during the Indy 500 race weekend, so it has become obvious that the manufacturer has shown at least some interest in joining stock car racing.

Now, a new report from has the auto maker’s VP and Business Head of Auto Operations for America Honda, Art St. Cyr saying that Honda has interest in joining NASCAR.

“We always keep an eye on it,” said St. Cyr in the story. “We look at it peripherally, right now. But it is something that interests us. Given the opportunity, we’d jump at the chance to do that as soon as it makes sense for us.”

So it’s a done deal?

Not quite. St. Cyr says that the scope of the NASCAR schedule and costs of doing business in the sport are too high currently.

However, NASCAR has now begun cost-savings measures for teams and manufacturers. Next season, teams will be limited on how many active chassis they can have at a time — something that has never been limited or regulated in the past.

The sanctioning body is also attempting a double header event at Pocono Raceway next season. Teams will use the same cars and engines in both events. If things go successfully, that could lead to another path of financial savings for teams in the future.

That gives hope that someday down the line, Honda can make the leap to NASCAR.

To read the full article, click here.

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