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Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway CEO/VP Teases Something ‘Exciting and Big is Happening’

UPDATE October 22 5:30 PM ET

It seems that the big thing that the CEO/VP of the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway was eluding to was the track officially being laser scanned by iRacing.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the iRacing team were on hand on Tuesday to get the track recorded to be inserted into the iRacing simulator.

UPDATE October 21 7:30 PM ET

A new report from NewsChannel 5 Nashville says that demolition for the MLS stadium at Fairgrounds Speedway has been delayed. Demolition was supposed to begin at the beginning of October.

According to the report, the Nashville mayor states demolition hasn’t begun yet due to complicated financing and infrastructure concerns.

The plot thickens.

It’s not secret that just about everybody wants to see the NASCAR National Series return to Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, rumors have swirled all season that it could happen as early as the 2021 season.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been among one of the biggest vocal supporters of getting not only the 0.596-mile track on the schedule, but also getting NASCAR back in Nashville, Tennessee.

However, plans of a Major League Soccer Stadium to be built in very close proximity to the race track seemed to make the race track returning to the NASCAR National Series ranks seem less and less likely, as it would be nearly impossible for the facility to get the necessary upgrades to house big-time NASCAR racing.

However, on Monday, the speedway’s CEO and Vice President, Claire Formosa fired off a tweet that is sure to fuel speculation:

Could this something really REALLY REALLLLYYYY exciting and big that is happening, be NASCAR returning to the speedway? And if so, when?

Stay tuned.

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  1. Sorry. Not buying it. It hasn’t shown it’s that big of a racing market for national series. The Modified Tour and ARCA maybe.

  2. When NASCAR cup series returns to Nashville, there wont be an empty seat! ” This is Nashville yall “

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