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Rumblings That a Full-Time NASCAR Driver Owns the Adderall That Was Found in Dippel’s Truck

The Tyler Dippel saga continues to take more twists and turns than even your most complex suspense thriller motion picture. As Dippel prepares for his Wednesday court date, rumblings are starting up about who actually was the owner of the Adderall that was found in a backpack inside of Dippel’s truck.

From what I am hearing from a very reliable and respected person in the industry, the Adderall and backpack were property of a very well known and prominent full-time NASCAR Xfinity Series driver.

I will not publish the name of the driver at this time, as I am working diligently on obtaining evidence that supports the rumor, but it seems newsworthy enough that there could be a full-time NXS driver who left their bag containing prescription Adderall in Dippel’s truck.

Adderall is not a joking matter in NASCAR, as we have found out in the past.

About a year and a half ago, Denny Hamlin during an interview stated that he believed somewhere around 70-percent of drivers in the NASCAR Cup Series were users of Adderall. It was a shocking statement, but Hamlin delivered it sternly.

This spurned huge backlash, which led to Hamlin backtracking on his statement, chalking it up to being a simple joke.

At the time, NASCAR released a statement on Adderall that read:

“NASCAR conducts random drug tests regularly, and among the list of prohibited substances is amphetamines. If any competitor is found to have tested positive for a substance taken without a prescription, NASCAR has a zero-tolerance policy and the member will be indefinitely suspended. Simply put, NASCAR is confident in its drug testing program.”

In that 2018 statement, NASCAR does say that any driver who tests positive for a substance taken without a prescription would be indefinitely suspended.

That being said, the drugs found in Dippel’s truck were reportedly in a prescription bottle. So there may not be anything to worry about for the driver who actually owned the pills, other than their carelessness leading to Dippel being arrested and suspended.

However, if there is anything not quite kosher about the prescription that was found, it could mean a whole lot for the other party.

Regardless, it’s feeling like a real shame that Dippel was arrested and suspended from NASCAR in this case as it seems he really was an innocent teenager who had just finished up a weekend racing at his hometown track.

A few days ago, the consensus of the NASCAR community felt that Dippel was a young drug-using NASCAR driver who felt he was untouchable. FS1’s Todd Bodine and Jeff Hammond even had strong words for Dippel on the air. Dippel’s career wast tilting towards being over before he had even had a chance to tell his side of the story.

A report from on Tuesday, painted a totally different picture of the Tyler Dippel arrest than the narrative that had been pushed from the moment of his suspension which was handed out by NASCAR after medication that was not prescribed to him was found in his personal truck during a traffic stop in Wallkill, New York.

Turns out, it doesn’t appear that Dippel was taking the drugs found in his truck as he had passed a drug test prior to the traffic stop at Bristol Motor Speedway, and he subsequently passed a voluntary drug test after being arrested for possession of the drugs according to the report.

The report also states that the party who owned the bag and drugs has written a letter to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office explaining that the property was placed in Dippel’s truck by them.

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