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Corey LaJoie Threatening to Crash Others if They Don’t Donate to Charity

Corey LaJoie is rather excited about his new sponsor for Watkins Glen this weekend, Samaritan’s Feet. The charity helps bring shoes to those around the world who don’t have any.

LaJoie will be donating a month’s salary to get the charity on his No. 32 car this weekend, which is super awesome.

But not only that, LaJoie is now threatening to crash other drivers if they don’t donate to the cause as well.

Parker Kligerman Tweeted a conversation between he and the driver of the No. 32 Ford Mustang. Needless to say, it was quite comical.

After some rather unique persuasion, LaJoie secured a donation to Samaritan’s Feet from Kligerman.

LaJoie was joking about crashing Kligerman, obviously. Or was he? Guess we will find out on Sunday if he ends up taking out another driver who doesn’t choose to donate. But it’s awesome to see him doing whatever it takes to bring attention to an awesome cause.

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