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Dave Mader III, Spraker Racing Pace Saturday’s ARCA Test from Daytona

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Dave Mader III led the second and final day of the ARCA Menards Series’ annual pre-race practice at Daytona International Speedway, posting a lap time of 49.874 seconds in his Spraker Racing No. 63 Chevrolet SS.

Mader III, who finished second-place to Corey Heim at Talladega Superspeedway last season, has run a partial schedule in the ARCA Menards Series since 2018, mainly revolving around the superspeedways.

Chuck Walter, driving the No. 02 for Young’s Motorsports, posted the session’s second-fastest lap, with Max Gutierrez, Lawless Alan, and Christian Rose rounding out the top-five. Gus Dean, Layne Riggs, Mason Maggio, Corey Heim, and Scott Melton rounded out the top-10.

In Saturday’s pre-race practice session, originally scheduled to end at 5pm, Michael Lira turned a total of 44 laps, the most amongst drivers that competed in the test’s second day.

All of the drivers listed on ARCA’s entry list for the two-day testing session at Daytona turned a lap at some point on Friday or Saturday.

Results from Saturday’s Pre-Race Practice at Daytona:

Rank#DriverTeamLapsBest TimeDiff
163Dave Mader IIISpraker Racing849.874--.---
202Chuck WalkerYoung's Motorsports1749.915-0.041
332GMax GutierrezRette Jones Racing3049.949-0.075
440LLawless AlenNiece Motorsports949.952-0.078
542Christian RoseCook Racing Technologies1550.004-0.130
655Gus DeanVenturini Motorsports1650.087-0.213
744RLayne RiggsFerrier McClure Racing3550.088-0.214
873MMason MaggioAJ Racing750.115-0.241
920ACorey HeimVenturini Motorsports750.257-0.383
1069Scott MeltonKimmel Racing1650.425-0.551
1125Toni BreidingerVenturini Motorsports1250.449-0.575
1260LMichael LiraJosh Williams Motorsports4450.464-0.590
133OBlake LothianMullins Racing1950.533-0.659
1415Parker ChaseVenturini Motorsports350.557-0.683
153ABrayton LasterMullins Racing1650.906-1.032
1660MLogan MisuracaJosh Williams Motorsports2950.916-1.042
1712HChuck HiersFast Track Racing1651.074-1.200
183BCole BruceMullins Racing2451.101-1.227
193CLogan ClarkMullins Racing2051.107-1.233
2069RGage RodgersKimmel Racing3651.140-1.266
2144DDevon RouseFerrier McClure Racing751.206-1.332
2297Jason KitzmillerCR7 Motorsports1951.207-1.333
2311GJon GarrettFast Track Racing3351.252-1.378
2401JHunter JackFast Track Racing2851.267-1.393
2532BLogan BeardenAM Racing651.273-1.399
2610HZach HerrinFast Track Racing3551.315-1.441
2760EDaniel EscotaJosh Williams Motorsports3051.563-1.689
2840CTyler CarpenterNiece Motorsports2151.568-1.694
2910VBrandon VarneyFast Track Racing351.738-1.864
3010CBenny ChastainFast Track Racing1651.772-1.898
3101MFrankie MunizFast Track Racing2351.796-1.922
3273JAndy JankowiakAJ Racing2951.891-2.017
3312PEd PompaFast Track Racing351.958-2.084
347WMatt WilsonCCM Racing1952.140-2.266
357HKevin HinkleCCM Racing356.013-6.139
367PThomas PachecoCCM Racing961.288-11.414
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