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Kyle Busch Angry With Keselowski After Martinsville: “I Should Beat The Shit Out of Him”

UPDATE: On Sunday Night, Kyle Busch posted an apology to social media, regarding the language used in one of his post-race interviews, saying: “In one of my post-race interviews I used a word I should never use and I want to apologize for it.”

Kyle Busch missed out on the Championship 4, despite a valiant and hard-fought second-place finish in a wild NASCAR Cup Series Xfinity 500 at Martinsville Speedway on Sunday, but following the race, the 36-year old was left seething at his fellow competitor Brad Keselowski.

Keselowski initiated contact with Busch in the final turn and slammed into Busch again coming to the finish line in Sunday’s race, which actually sent Busch spinning.

After climbing from the car, Kyle Busch was wanting to throw down fisticuffs with Keselowski.

“Well, he drills my ass out of [turn] 4 four no reason,” Busch explained. “I mean, where was he going? What was he going to do? Spin me out? He was trying to do a Harvick is what he was trying to do. For what? For second place? For what? He wasn’t going to transfer through with that. Freaking retarded, man. So stupid. I don’t understand these guys. I should beat the shit out of him is what I should do. But that doesn’t do me any good.”

So, why didn’t Busch confront Keselowski?

“I’ve paid enough fines in my lifetime, I’m sure I’ll get another one,” Busch said.

Here are the post race comments from Busch:

Despite a frustrating day, Busch still found himself in a position to not only advance to the Championship 4, but he also found himself in a spot to possibly win the race as on the final restart of the race, he lined up on the outside of race leader, and eventual race winner Alex Bowman. But Busch just didn’t have the speed to do anything with Bowman.

“On that last restart, I just tried to get a good one. I felt like I got a decent one,” Busch recalled. “Bowman missed a shift. I was to his outside. Where I lifted for the corner, and then he went two car lengths deeper and just washed up. He was going to hit me regardless. It’s probably a good thing I wasn’t there. I knew if I could keep him pinned down a little bit, as best as I could in one and two, I would have a shot, but I wasn’t even there. I didn’t have the tires or the car to get back to him. Kind of anticlimactic I guess.”

While he came up just shy of moving on to the Championship 4, Busch says in the end, his team simply missed the setup way too often down the stretch to legitimately contend for a title in 2021.

“We ran like dogshit last weekend and this week and this week,” Busch lamented sharply. “We had a Hail Mary opportunity there at the end and we were trying to make something out of nothing. Great effort. We did everything we could all day long. We never stopped working on it. But we have missed it way too much lately. So, I don’t know what is going to happen.”

Now, the focus for Kyle Busch and the No. 18 Joe Gibbs Racing team shifts to 2022.

Toby Christie
Toby Christie
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  1. Kyle Busch should feel lucky he hasn’t had HID rear end kicked every time he has dumped someone or roughed them up for a pass.

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