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Video: First Video Surfaces of NASCAR NextGen Car on Track With Joey Logano Driving

A lot of buzz has begun to build about NASCAR’s NextGen race car, which will debut in 2021, but until Monday we had not actually seen the car on track.

That can now be scratched off the list, as NASCAR posted video of the car being powered around ISM Raceway by Joey Logano in a test session.

While we have seen that NASCAR has been playing with the rims of the next race car, this video also showcases quite a few other cool things about the upcoming car.

For instance, the stepped front splitter appears to certainly keep the front end of the car off of the race track, which has been what many fans have requested in recent years. It also appears, as Logano approaches the corner, that he has exhaust flames shooting out both sides of the car.

Another thing that is noticeable on the car is that the two sides of the cars are symmetrical, as opposed to the weird offset aero design they’ve had for years.

This is a really good look at what we may see on the car in 2021.

Following the video that NASCAR dropped of the car on track on Monday, they released a really good clear photo of the car on Twitter as well.’s Zack Albert also posted more shots of different sections of the car for us to dissect:

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    • It is a non-manufacturer specific prototype that NASCAR had built to test out what they are wanting to try for the NextGen car. It’s the same car that had zebra print on it that Austin Dillon drove back in October.

  1. It’s looking good…..looks good with the bigger wheels…. love that there is light under the car and it’s not sucked down to the Ground……Most of all its sounds great… matter how good they make the new car someone will find something to complain about…..

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