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Truck Series Owner / Driver Ray Ciccarelli Selling Team After NASCAR Changes Policies Regarding Anthem and Confederate Flag

If you’d like to own your own NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series team, it appears that CMI Motorsports, which is owned by 50-year old Ray Ciccarelli, is up for grabs once the 2020 season is over.

Ciccarelli’s personal Facebook page posted a statement from Ciccarelli saying that they will be selling their race team following NASCAR made changes to their protocols involving the national anthem and confederate flag.

Screenshot of the post on Ciccarelli’s personal Facebook page.

Ciccarelli’s team has run a total of 15 races since 2018, and has scored a best finish of ninth last season at Michigan with Ciccarelli behind the wheel.

NASCAR has had a big week of statements. In one week they have stood in unity with overcoming racism in America, in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN, which has led to protests and riots around the whole country.

NASCAR also has announced a new initiative aimed at helping the LBGTQ community and they have also stated that drivers are able to kneel during the national anthem, if they feel compelled to do so and that the confederate flag will be banned from all events.

While you would expect blow-back from a few fans on the aggressive change from staying on the sidelines during important issues in the world to now jumping in the mix, but I don;t think anyone expected team owners to threaten to leave the sport over NASCAR opting to voice their desire of inclusion of more people into the sport.

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Toby is the Founder, Editor and go-to man for He is also the co-host of The Final Lap Weekly Podcast. Additionally, Toby is a NMPA (National Motorsports Press Association) award winning writer, and has followed NASCAR as a fan since 1993.

20 thoughts on “Truck Series Owner / Driver Ray Ciccarelli Selling Team After NASCAR Changes Policies Regarding Anthem and Confederate Flag Leave a comment

  1. bad thing about it is that there are lots of different views about the Flag AND the National Anthem, regardless of how you see it, by saying one view is better than the other is nonsense, not everyone who likes the Confederate Flag is a racist, and it’s asinine to think so your doing lots of assuming. but because one side see’s it as racist they want to ban it, well what about the people who see Black Lives Matters as racist? NASCAR is saying not everyone’s voice counts, and that is wrong. but you watch I will be called a racist for even making this post, it’s the cancel culture and it is destroying this country, and lots of people don’t like the fact that NASCAR is adding to it. I a m all for equal rights,for everyone, but putting one side down because you don’t agree with them is not how you do it. if you want to fix the racial issues in the country, stop talking about race, make it about human’s make it about people, as long as your putting color in the mix it will always be division. now go ahead and label me racist wit6hout even knowing who I am or what I stand for. …..

    • This will continue to e a issue as people say it’s history it’s in the past. This country is built on lies thrift and deceit. They stole land took the orginal keeps enslaved them on reservations in the middle of no where. They say the past but it’s still occurring. I think the stars stripes worse as Indian wars broken trails occurred under it. So if I do not for that racist hateful rag excuse me

  2. I agree with you 100%. I think the whole country is trying to over compensate for something that has happened hundred of years ago. History is history, we can learn from it without wiping it out of the history books.

  3. I’ll yield to the Confederate Flag ban as much as I disagree with the removal. However, I will NOT concede to kneeling for the National Anthem. Kneeling is only for tribute to God! Twenty two years of my life were spent in the US Navy defending the right to Freedom of Speech–sometimes I wonder why. That freedom is also mine to cherish!

  4. How can nascar even dare to play.the national anthem and have fly overs to celebrate races when their allowing piss on the flag and I hope that nascar is happy because their about finished their days are numbered anyways taking the knee to the flag is.a.shame.and makes no sense and doesn’t belong in nascar you have to stand for something.or you will fall for anything Amen !!!!


  6. As a trusted supplier to CMI Motorsports, we have watched them struggle, grow, mature and finally find their feet and settle into a new shop. Ray’s motivations are well known and the Team seems to suit them well. We are sad to see this development just as things were smoothing out

  7. I think Nascar has just driven the final nail in it’s coffin. Long time Nascar fan ( mid 70’s). I think if Ray decided to file a class action Lawsuit against Nascar for disallowing one flag but allowing another ( Black Lives Matter) flag to be flown and put all over a race car is only throwing fuel on the fire. Also it is discriminating by choosing one group over another. My wish would be that more drivers would follow Ray’s lead on this. I applaude him for taking a stand. Google, Facebook and twitter has censored many people comments trying to make people think there is not another side to this. Just wait till the black lives matters crowd decides that drivers from the 50’s and 60’s in the hall of fame should not be there because they were racist. Nascar will bow to them too. The only voice we have right now is to turn Nascar off of the tv. How many people in the black lives matter’s crowd is going to watch a nascar race, go to a race and spend their money. By not watching the tv ratings will go down. When that happens tv will no longer be able to afford to carry them. Same goes for other sports. You know they are going to disgrace the flag. I won’t be watching.

  8. Now that I have learned more in the last two weeks, I support NASCAR members kneeling…I don’t like it…but I will support it. As far as the flag goes, good riddance, and this from a die-hard Southerner. If it affects Bubba Wallace in a bad way, then I will be by his side.

  9. I’m leaving a comment for Ray and family. I used to be a major supporter of nascar(Rusty Wallace) until 3 years ago with changes of format and rules changes ,even drivers started fleeing some give different reasons but we know what they were against in their sport of choice. Oh, the days of the WINSTON CUP SERIES . But the new series sponsors Nextel,Exfinity,and others that were with NASCAR for 2 or 3 years for money. But rulings about the Confederate flag and black lives matter are B.S. like Ray Cicarelli said everything is for sale. Support for black lives matter is fine for those who support it but shoving your protests,destruction and looting of others because you say it’s in the name of George Floyd is B.S. The Confederate Flag is history and has as much right as any other to be shown,it doesn’t mean it’s racist or discriminatory,I’m from MI a Yankee and if I was around in the 1860’s during the Civil War I’d have supported the Union but the Confedaracy had reasons,heritage,and a way of life others didn’t like but it doesn’t mean everything the Confederacy stood for was wrong. If anyone thinks the Civil War was just about slavery then they’re dumber than they know. But now about NASCAR they had history,heritage,a way of life and they sold out,some changes.such as safety helmets,seats,roll bars,tethers,ETC. we’re needed But all the money grubbing big wigs got into a sport and destroyed it ,the little guy,1 car teams,father and sons building cars,a team,tradition in a family,all gone. No one can just join Nascar anymore,build a car,set the brakes for Bristol,as much speed as possible for Talladega and Daytone,Charlotte Nascar Home of almost every team,the family history,Pettys,Wallaces,Burtons,Labontes,Earnhardts,Greens,and more hook up the trailer to my truck put on my race car and go race all gone for money. So Ray Cicarelli leaving Nascar is his only option if what he believes in is being taken,restrained and removed then I back him up and sometime in the future maybe things will change and he will come back and I might start watching NASCAR again . But, it will never happen NASCAR is gone and all that is left is an empty name,a sport with no heart ,no honor ,no life ,nothing!

  10. I would love to see just one Nascar driver have enough balls to wear a shirt saying White lives matter,, it would be freedom of speech, but I bet Nascar would punish them big time, sad to see the sport going down the tube…

  11. After reading majority of these poorly written comments I can see why African Americans are not fans of this “sport.” Its filled with a bunch of uneducated, misinformed, bigots. If just one half of you were to pick up a book and read it than you would understand why that flag is so problematic. I seriously question whether one half of you can read. Doubt it!

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