Corrections Policy


If finds incorrect portions of an article that necessitate correcting including, but not limited to photo caption, headline, graphic, video or other material, we should promptly publish a correction explaining the change.

Occasionally, a story is factually correct, but the language used to explain said story isn’t as clear as the writer intended or expected it to be. When that is the case, the language should be rewritten and the clarification added to the story.

For full transparency, should also note when we have failed to seek a comment or response that has since been added into a story, or any new details that have possibly changed the way a story has been portrayed on our website.

When an error is brought to our attention by a reader and the reader comments on the story via the website or any social media channel, and a member of the team sees the comment, the team should respond to the reader with verification that the error has been corrected.

If we have sent out incorrect information in an alert, or breaking news story, we should send out a follow-up alert informing people that the news reported in the earlier alert was wrong and give readers the accurate information.

When we publish erroneous information on social networks, we should correct it on that platform.
We do not associate blame in these situations to individual reporters or editors.