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I Hate Moving

I was a professional mover for a little over 10 years (if you count my time working summers while in High School). I disliked packing other people’s items and moving them cross country, but the amount of dread that comes with the process is exponentially greater when it’s your own items and memories that you’re…

Good News!

As part of his general Cystic Fibrosis examination, Landon had a throat swab at his specialist appointment. We just got word that it came back good and normal! And I got a raise at work. Can’t ask for a much better day than that in the Christie household.

Landon’s 9-Month CF Specialist Appointment

First, thanks to Cook’s Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas for always taking such good care of our son, Landon. We have an entire dedicated Cystic Fibrosis on call, ready to help us anytime if anything crazy were to ever happen (Knock on wood, we haven’t had to utilize this yet). AppointmentcfCystic FibrosisDad StuffLandon

Landon’s 9-Month Appointment

Well today the little man turned nine months old, which means it was time for another appointment at his pediatrician’s office. Landon was diagnosed with CF (Cystic Fibrosis) through an Amnio test before he was born. Ever since that day, Krista and I have felt that we were 1. Lucky to have this amazing child,…

Funny Thing I’ve Taught My Son

So at 9-months old, my son Landon is awesome. He is learning so many things each and every day. He’s making all sorts of different noises and sounds as he is trying to finally tell us what he is thinking at all times of the day and night. He is standing up and attempting to…