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At, we are open to partnering with high quality companies and brands and we have many marketing options to fit a variety of budgets or advertising strategies.

Let us tell you a little bit about our website to help you further understand why a sponsorship relationship with us would benefit your brand.

This website was established in January of 2019. Since starting the site from scratch, has grown exponentially. In year one, we recorded more than 775,000 page views. While it performed above our wildest expectations in that first year, we were not satisfied. We kept striving to break more NASCAR news and bring relevant stories of all kinds to our readers all the while .

What that has resulted in has been a huge boom. As of September, we are on pace for nearly 2.3-million page views for 2020.

We have had a steady climb through the Amazon Alexa Website Rankings as well. Before COVID-19, we had nearly broken inside the top-100,000 websites in the world, but even after the COVID sports slow down, we have worked our way back up to around the 120,000th website out of more than 12-million that are ranked by Amazon.

We have a loyal group of visitors who return again and again for their NASCAR news, and we trust they’ll do the same once exposed to your product or services.

So, what type of advertising packages do we provide?

TierMonthly PriceYearly PriceWhat's Included?
Total Site Takeover$3,335$32, powered by "Your Company"

-Your brand in every ad location on the site (except for specific content presenting sponsorships)

-Ad Placement inside the content of every story on the website.

-Four social media mentions (two facebook, two twitter) of your brand/product each week.

-Everytime we share a link to the homepage on social media, we will tag you company's social media channel in the post.
Website Presenting Sponsorship$1,670$16, powered by "Your Company"

-Ad placement in every story on the website

-Two social media mentions (one facebook, one twitter) of your brand each week.
Specific Content Presenting Sponsorship$250$2,400-Your Brand becomes the official presenting sponsor of a particular section of content on the website (example: The 2021 NASCAR Cup Series Team chart Presented by Your Brand)

-Every time we share the link to the specific piece of content to social media, we will tag your company's social media channel in the post.
Platinum$835$8,000-Banner Ad at the top of every page.

-One Twitter mention of your brand each week.
Gold$415$4,000-One Above the Fold ad on the sidebar of the site.

-Two Twitter mentions of your brand each month.
Silver$210$2,000-One below the fold ad within the content of every story on the website.

-One Twitter Mention of your brand each month.
Bronze$85$1,000-One below the fold ad on the side bar or footer of the page

-One Twitter mention of your brand each quarter.
Link Embedded in Post$75/Per Post (One-Time Fee)-Your website link embedded casually in a story.

-Link will be active in that story for as long as the website exists.

Ready to lock in one of the packages above? Or perhaps you would like to customize a sponsorship package to fit your company better? Fill out the form below and we will be in touch: