Thursday, November 23, 2023

Video: Lightning Strike Nearly Hits JR Motorsports Hauler, Strikes Pickup Truck

JR Motorsports lightning strike video
A wild lightning strike hit a pickup truck in the JR Motorsports parking lot, and it narrowly missed the No. 7 team hauler. Screengrab from JR Motorsports video.

Oh my goodness. This is crazy footage from the JR Motorsports security camera, as a lightning strike nearly hit the organization’s No. 7 team hauler. In the video, you can see the lightning actually struck a pickup truck that had a trailer hooked up to it.

Here is the wild video from JR Motorsports:

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In the video, once it was hit by the lightning strike, the headlights on the pickup truck illuminated.

It was a truly scary moment at the JR Motorsports shop. The team did not report any injuries but instead joked that they are starting the year off with a bang.

The team posted another video of a secondary lightning strike, which made contact with the gate.

For JR Motorsports 2023 is filled with optimism, as the team had one of the best, if not its best, season ever in 2022. The organization scored 15 victories in the 33-race season, and the team had three representatives in the Championship 4.

Despite the incredible season, JR Motorsports drivers came up shy in the battle for the championship, but the team still registered three of the top-four in the final NASCAR Xfinity Series championship point standings.

Toby Christie
Toby Christie
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