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Video: Ty Majeski Bumps Erik Jones, Hitches Ride on Left-Rear of No. 4 in 2022 Snowball Derby

Erik Jones Ty Majeski Snowball Derby
Any chance of a third Snowball Derby victory for Erik Jones is pretty well over after contact with Ty Majeski saw the NASCAR Truck Series driver climb on the left rear of Erik Jones’ entry. Screenshot is taken from Racing America broadcast.

The chances of Erik Jones securing his third Snowball Derby victory have come to an end, in quite a spectacular fashion, after the Petty GMS driver’s entry was completely destroyed after contact from Ty Majeski.

With just over 100 laps remaining, Jones and Majeski were battling for a spot inside the top-10, when a shot to the rear bumper of the No. 4, turned into a free-ride for Ty Majeski, who jumped his No. 91 onto the left rear of Jones’ entry.

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The damage to the No. 4J entry was extensive – and honestly, bizarre – with Majeski’s car acting as a can opener on the rear-end of the Petty GMS Motorsports driver’s entry, tearing the entire back off.

“Ty [Majeski] caught us, and ran us over,” Jones said after the accident. “I don’t know what to say, he ran us down, caught us, ran into the back of me, and floored it. I don’t want to say a lot, because I got a lot I could say, but that’s pretty poor racing, 181 laps into the race, destroy a racecar.

“Ty should… Ty has respect, he’s better than that, knows he’s better than that, and it’s just, what do you say, I’m not upset, I’m just disappointed, it’s pretty… it’s disappointing.”

With extensive damage to Jones’ Late Model, the NASCAR Cup Series driver would be forced to retire from the event, relegating him to a finish outside the top-30. As for Majeski, the NASCAR Truck Series driver was able to continue in the event, and continue running inside the top-10.

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