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NASCAR Rivals Officially Available to Play on the Nintendo Switch

NASCAR Rivals for the Nintendo Switch is available now
NASCAR Rivals, the latest offering from Motorsport Games, is officially available for purchase for the Nintendo Switch at the price of $49.99.

Game on!

Today, NASCAR and Motorsport Games are adding to their ever-growing gaming community with the announcement and release of NASCAR Rivals, a Nintendo Switch exclusive video game.

This installment is set to combine the exciting action of NASCAR Cup Series racing with the intensity of rivalries within the sport. The game will have multiple racing modes to provide players with a unique experience and allow them to compete in countless ways.

The modes that will be available to play on the release include ‘Race Now,’ ‘Career Mode,’ and a ‘Challenges’ mode. The ‘Challenge’ mode will incorporate real-world scenarios to test the player to see if they can thrive in tough situations a driver/team could face on any given Sunday afternoon.

Every car, track, driver, and team from the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season is included in the game.

The NASCAR Rivals trailer can be viewed below:

“As we continue to build new ways to bring the NASCAR Cup Series to life, our goal with NASCAR Rivals was to highlight a pertinent component of all motorsports, the competition,” said Jay Pennell, Brand Manager, NASCAR, at Motorsport Games. “This latest offering not only lets fans challenge their own skills, but compete against their friends, other online players, and challenges within the sport itself. We’re excited for our fans to truly immerse themselves in what it means to be a NASCAR champion while allowing them to embrace their inner rival wherever and whenever.”

A popular feature of the game will undoubtedly be its multiplayer capability. Players will have the ability to use ‘Split Screen’ mode to play locally against their friends and family utilizing the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.

The ‘Online Multiplayer’ mode will also be available and give players the ability to play with up to 15 other players anywhere across the world by using Nintendo Switch Online. An important addition to the game, crossing over from many racing games, is the enhanced ‘Paint Booth.’ Players will be able to customize their own driver avatars, and car designs, and pick between a variety of sponsor logos to accompany them in their virtual careers.

More information about NASCAR Rivals is available at

A Nintendo Switch exclusive game will work to benefit NASCAR in its hunt to branch into the younger demographic of fans. The Nintendo Switch is quickly growing in popularity and can be a great platform for NASCAR to begin work on. NASCAR Rivals is now available at all leading retailers and for download on the Nintendo eShop for $49.99.

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