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Video: Andrew Ranger Launched Onto Alex Tagliani in MASSIVE 10-Plus Car Accident in Pinty’s Finale at Delaware

The 2022 NASCAR Pinty’s Series season ended with a bang in Delaware Speedway, as a massive 11-car accident saw Andrew Ranger on top of Alex Tagliani. Screenshot from FloRacing broadcast.

Sunday’s NASCAR Pinty’s Series event at Delaware Speedway certainly made sure that the 2022 season went out with a bang, as a massive accident broke out at the front of the field with less than 20 laps to go, collecting at least 11 cars.

The accident was triggered by mid-corner contact between leaders Brandon Watson and Raphael Lessard, which sent Lessard’s No. 8 Chevrolet spinning around at the exit of turn four off the bumper of Kevin Lacroix.

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With the first contact happening so close to the front of the field, the track quickly got plugged up for the cars behind, forcing competitors to either stop or plow into the mess ahead.

Andrew Ranger was one of the unlucky front-runners to get caught up in the early portion of the accident, plowing into Alex Tagliani, and eventually getting pushed onto the roof of the No. 18 Chevrolet Camaro.

All of the drivers involved in the massive accident could either drive their entry back to the garage or emerge from their battered machines under their own power.


Unofficially, there were 11 drivers that sustained some sort of damage or had some kind of involvement in the accident, making it the biggest recorded accident in NASCAR Pinty’s Series history – the previous record was 5.

  • No. 0 – Glenn Styres
  • No. 03 – Ray Morneau
  • No. 8 – Raphael Lessard
  • No. 12 – Mathieu Kingsbury
  • No. 17 – DJ Kennington
  • No. 18 – Alex Tagliani
  • No. 27 – Andrew Ranger
  • No. 28 – Trevor Monaghan
  • No. 74 – Kevin Lacroix
  • No. 84 – Larry Jackson
  • No. 96 – MA Camirand


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